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Why I Choose Apple Over Android

The Reasons Why I Have Chosen Apple Time and Time Again, Even After Trying Android

Apple and Android. Two huge companies with two well known brands. 

When looking for a phone, tablet or smartwatch you are faced with the Apple vs. Android debacle. 

From the beginning of the original iPod and later, the first iPhone, I have been a huge Apple supporter. I have always loved the simplicity, and modern design Apple has to offer. Granted, it wasn't as easy as "dragging and dropping" files to get music onto my Apple products, but I was willing to work around it. 

Throughout the years the dependability that Apple offered was something that made me their loyal customer. However, that changed when I was no longer able to afford an iPhone. Yes, the greatest downside (in my opinion) is how expensive iPhone's are, and in a world where we live paycheck to paycheck, it can be difficult to keep up with the newest technological trends. 

As you may have guessed, there came a time in my life when I had to choose an Android phone, instead of my trusted iPhone. I started with a Samsung Galaxy S4, which I hated deeply. It was slow, outdated, with poor camera quality and the battery life was useless. Eventually, the phone died on me--it just didn't turn on one day, and although this was my only means of communication, I was somewhat relieved to never have to use that phone again. 

Then came the Moto Z2 Play. Needless to say, the camera quality was decent on this phone, and being the avid picture-taker, I immediately appreciated it. As I started to get more use out of the phone, I slowly came to realize it had it's serious flaws: slow processing speed, awful battery life, and bug issues. In multiple occasions I was forced to factory reset my phone because it had some sort of bug. This was foreign to me, because as a faithful Apple user you will hardly ever experience a virus or bug of any kind. 

Finally, I got a better paying job, and later down the line, switched back to an iPhone (the 7 Plus, to be precise). The camera quality is better than any other phone I have ever had, and for $0.99/month you can have 500 GB of iCloud storage, which beats all of its competitors. 

I can appreciate the many products Android has to offer, but their phones are simply not for me. I prefer Apple products, hands down. If I ever have a problem with my iPhone, I know I have a 1 year warranty on it. I can also always go into an Apple store and get assistance. Whereas, for Android phones, I would have to call their customer service line, and mail it in. In this day and age, I can't go without my phone for more than a day, especially with my responsibilities as a parent.  

Here are a few tips I learned along the way to make the iPhone experience an even better one: 

1. Have Google Photos (or another secondary backup source).

I prefer Google Photos, because it's an easy app to use. And I can access my photos from any device. Unlike iCloud, where you can only access your photos from an Apple product, which is sometimes not possible. Also, I like the fact the my photos get uploaded as a regular .JPG, .HEIC or .MOV file. 

2. If you hate the hassle of downloading music onto your iPhone, use a music service.

Personally, I have been a consistent user of Pandora throughout the years. Therefore, my Pandora knows my taste in music pretty well, and I only use the free version. But you can also sign up for Apple Music (which I have zero complaints about), Google Music, etc. Either way, it's much less expensive to pay for a monthly subscription on any phone than buying it. 

3. Get to know your iPhone.

There are endless threads and "how-to" articles on the internet, so getting to know the iPhone, along with its tips and tricks is a crucial tip for me. A lot of people are unaware of all the amazing things they can do with their iPhone.

In summary, if you are considering getting an Android phone, make sure you do research beforehand and test it out at the store. This will save a ton of heartbreak (and money!) in the end.

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Why I Choose Apple Over Android
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