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Why DJI Goggles Provide the Ultimate Drone Flying Experience

Bear witness to a whole new and completely immersive world thanks to the revolutionary technology and advanced functionality behind DJI Goggles.

There's such a vast array of connective activities with these DJI Goggles, it's almost easier to list what they can't do. As the concepts and pieces of tech under virtual reality are more and more advanced into the future, bigger and brighter products are unfolding from this cocoon. As such, DJI pushes to market an all-new, far more promising piece of technology based on similar VR iterations that utilizes multiple formats for an all-around "goggle experience" unlike any other.  

No, they're technically not a virtual reality headset. They're more of an all-encompassing headset that can be used for practically anything related to technology.  This means, as long as they can be connected to the headpiece, that audio, video, and many other files can be viewed through a highly sophisticated HD display, thereby granting you the keys to a kingdom all of your own. Within your own little world in these DJI Goggles, anything is possible. It is, after all, the future of entertainment

Extrapolated Worlds of Engagement

Quite literally among useful gadgets for your everyday life, the DJI Goggles are making headway in all the tech markets for an immersive, connective product that makes utilizing drones an extremely fun experience. Unlike VR headsets, the DJI Goggles are a bit more profound, with their detailed list of possible compatibilities, ranging far and wide. 

As the company itself explains, entering vast and immense worlds of wonder is all at the simple donning of a headset. From controlling drones with your own head to the viewership of many different videos and audio-listening capabilities, it's no news that DJI will be the next big name in headset technology. 

Varieties of Formats

While the immense connectivity of DJI products with that of the DJI Goggles only makes them all the more revolutionary, primary to its function is drone flight and video capturing from high up above. I highly doubt you'll ever find anything as powerful or as fully-compatible as DJI Goggles. 

These various formats include intuitive panorama viewing, audio, video file watching, and much more. The level of compatibility made with the DJI Goggles is extensive, allowing for a versatile and advanced piece of technology the world has never seen before. 

Touchpad & Controller

The DJI Goggles come with an extensive and highly integrated touchpad on its side for simple navigation when inside the goggles. The internal menu system is also used this way, thereby making it an intuitive, all-encompassed system with easy controls. 

Additionally, there can be found, below the touchpad, a function button that allows you to seamlessly control the focus, in addition to variety of other functions. This is one of the few headsets with such a simple, easy-to-use control pad for systematic and in-depth demands at the push or swipe of your finger. 

Powerful New Technologies

See how the DJI Goggles are used in action; seamlessly make videos with any number of different drone series products, or simply experience the world of tech in a completely new and more futuristic way. This is one headset you won't want to miss, as a plentitude of opportunities are available with its on-board system. 

In addition, through sophisticated new concepts in technology, all-new modes and formats are being presented through the DJI Goggles. These include Head Tracking and Intelligent Flight, both of which broaden the scope of usability and pave the way for further tech advancements. 

Head Tracking

Line of sight will not be an issue when wearing these DJI Goggles, thanks largely to its sophisticated Head Tracking implementation, which basically gives your head the stick. When in Head Tracking Flight mode, head-tilts control the aircraft yaw and camera tilt in line with the controller, which adds a level of simplicity to the mode itself. 

There's also what's called the 'Head Tracking Gimbal mode,' which allows you to move only the gimbal without affecting yaw, inciting worlds of awesome depth and controllability to your various drone uses. These are only two small functions of the Head Tracking component, as there are plenty of different uses to be found with the interface. 

High Resolution

Apart from the fact that it's one of the most upgraded and advanced headsets on the market, DJI Goggles wouldn't be one of the best without extreme high resolution and other high-grade viewing proponents. With two 1920x1080 screens, the DJI Goggles provide twice the amount of pixels as compared with usual 2K single screens. 

On top of the crystal clear viewing of high resolution, the DJI Goggles also allow for no latticing when viewing, as each screen packs pixels in as close as possible, so that images are clean and cohesive. The internal beam splitter also helps the goggles in displaying the image in front of the eye while also polarizing so that images don't overlap, bringing fully HD views to both eyes. 

Low Lag Transmission

Due to its internal use of OcuSync wireless transmission system, an incredible optimization in transmission has afforded these DJI Goggles a spot atop the most necessary new headsets of our time. OcuSync capabilities allow the product to connect with up to four different devices simultaneously for a broad range of uses.

The goggles are also capable of 720p/60fps and close range 1080p/30fps viewing, which is extraordinary for a revolutionary piece of headset technology. You don't have to worry about connection either, as built-in antennas found on the headband allows for 360 degree coverage. 

Intelligent Flight

In conjunction with the various drone series that are compatible with the headset, DJI has molded a completely advanced system for perfected photography within the range of controllability with its Intelligent Flight Mode, which basically contains a wide variety of different modes for drone flight. 

One such example is Fixed-Wing Mode. This internal component makes the drone go only straight, thereby disallowing it to turn left or right, flying with more rotation for realistic flight simulation. When combined with the head movements control in Head Tracking Mode, you can move the drone with your own head! There's various other modes, like ActiveTrack, TapFly, and Cinematic Mode. 


While it might not be of the utmost importance to all consumers, one of the most fundamental proponents to well-received VR headsets is comfort and wearability. If no one wants to (or can) wear your headset, what's the point of even selling it? This is what sets the DJI Goggles (and what's inside the goggles) separate from the rest. 

Using a flexible component and a solid headband, the DJI Goggles make entering their vast and unimaginable world a comfort to enjoy. Even those with glasses can still experience the amazing quality behind the goggles; plus, the screen is detachable, making it both easily storable and portable, in addition to being healthier on the eyes, as reentering the real world isn't always as simple as it sounds. 


Forget the best apps every drone owner should use. With a myriad of different compatible options to choose from, the only true difficulty behind the DJI Goggles is picking what to do first. The varied built-in interfaces provided by DJI allow the goggles an almost endless range of devices to work with. 

Put simply, the DJI Goggles can be utilized in conjunction with micro SD cards (for files or on-board backup memory), HDMI inputs (for gaming and watching camera feeds), micro USB inputs (for compatibility with Spark, Phantom 4, and Mavic Air series drones), and audio (headphones). As you can see, there are plenty of wonders to unlock and behold with DJI Goggles, it all depends on compatibility and your own level of imagination. 

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Why DJI Goggles Provide the Ultimate Drone Flying Experience
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