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Why AduroSmart ERIA Light Bulbs Are Must Have in Any Smart Home

If you want the best light money can buy, you need to grab ERIA light bulbs. They'll change your life.

Among photographers and interior designers, there's a saying. They all say, "Lighting is everything," and it's true. The right lighting can make an otherwise unwelcoming place look cozy, and the wrong lighting can make a mansion look like a wreck.

Lighting is the thing that will decide how your home looks and feels to guests, so it makes sense that many specialists suggest investing in your home lighting.

Thankfully, one company has made it possible to get better lighting in your home. AduroSmart's ERIA smart lights are decorative, give you control over your home, and even offer up a new layer of safety to your house.

AduroSmart ERIA Smart Bulbs are designed to give your home the traditional warm glow people adore.

At first glance, seeing light that's shined from ERIA bulbs doesn't appear different from any other bulb on the market. It's still the same welcoming, soft lighting people have learned to associate with home lighting.

Despite the softness, it's not a typical incandescent bulb. It's LED and Earth-friendly. Surprised? Well, it's not the stark, blueish light people think of when they see LED lighting. It's supposed to be the type of lighting that turns a house into a home.

With each bulb set, you get a Hub that controls the light.

All the lights are connected to your smart grid via a Hub. To turn your ERIA bulbs on, all you have to do is link up your phone to your light hub using the AduroSmart app.

The Hub is designed to work with just about every smart home AI device you could have. It works with Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant, as well as all Zigbee certified devices.

The lighting itself is augmented, too.

Smart bulbs are usually given CRI 80 technology, which gives their lights a slightly dull appearance. If you're a photographer or just a fan of good lighting, it's really not that good a choice.

AduroSmart's smart bulbs are given CRI 90+ technology, which brings out the natural colors of your home better. The end result is a crisper, livelier look to your home—if that's what you're going for, anyway.

Every AduroSmart bulb is designed to fit into a standard lamp.

The biggest hurdle people have when they're dealing with smart bulbs is finding bulbs that fit with their favorite lamps. Old fashioned lamps often don't work with smart bulbs.

ERIA bulbs work with almost any lamp you own. This makes them one of the most versatile lighting kits for interior decoration purposes.

Once your phone has the AduroSmart app, the real fun begins.

Having smart lights in your home opens up endless possibilities. You get to save energy by turning your lights on before you get home. You can also dim your lights to set the mood, turn them off for your child's bedtime, and also turn them on when you're ready to wake up.

Smart lights also give you more control over the lighting hue you get. Even if you have soft white bulbs, you can still increase and decrease the brightness. This alone can make huge changes in your home's ambiance.

The app even allows you to automate your favorite settings.

Many smart lights on the market aren't really that smart. To change them, you have to manually toggle the light settings every single time. AduroSmart's app lets you skip all that nonsense by giving you the option to save your favorite settings.

Once you save a setting, you can tell the Hub to automatically apply it at a certain time. If you have a home assistant, you can even make it work by telling your assistant to turn on the lights or set the mood.

If you just need to dim the lights, you can also use their wireless switch.

Sometimes, you don't want to deal with all the hassle of whipping out your phone to dim the lights. When you want to just get a little dimming action going on, just use the wireless remote to lower the lights to the brightness you've been wanting.

Don't worry, they have a colored lightbulbs, too.

If you're not the type of person who wants to have a standard white light in your home, you can still enjoy AduroSmart ERIA bulbs. All you have to do is buy up their colored light kit instead.

Their colored bulb kits are great for people who want to add colored accents, or people who want to use their lighting for special effects photography. After all, you get to choose the color they glow.

No matter how you look at it, AduroSmart ERIA bulbs make your house your home.

The beauty of having a smart home is that you can customize your home to suit your needs in ways that regular technology doesn't afford. When you get AduroSmart ERA bulbs, you get more control over your home and more convenience than ever before.

If you want to see why home decorators love ERIA, give them a try. You'll learn to love them too.

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Why AduroSmart ERIA Light Bulbs Are Must Have in Any Smart Home
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