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Using New Technology to Prevent Tsunamis

New technology can expand human capabilities in many areas including in the prevention of tsunamis.

Tsunamis always leave devastating effects on people as well as the environment. The loss it causes is immeasurable and recovery process sometimes proves to be extremely painful. Since tsunamis can be caused by different factors, discovering those factors and coming up with ways to prevent them is one of the best ways to stop tsunamis such as the one caused in Fukushima. Technology can play a very big role in this. As new innovations come up, new technology can be used to prevent tsunamis before they strike or, at the very least, reduce their impact.


The new era of sensors is capable of capturing all types of data efficiently. With these, the potential strike of a tsunami can be identified, allowing people to put in control measures even including evacuation. With sensors, even the aftermath of a tsunami strike can be minimized. The Fukushima tsunami caused damaging impact after the strike through the radiation that came from the nuclear reactor. Sensors can, therefore, get such information and provide information concerning the atmospheric factors such as the presence of radioactive elements.

Information Technologies

After the direct information has been captured, it's important for it to be dispersed to the correct destination as soon as possible. Although information technology is always used as a broader term that refers to many technological aspects, it involves the use of supercomputers that could be used to disperse tsunami information faster. The computers can be used to analyze the information as well, which will lead to the most accurate deductions being made. With information technology, the chances of an error occurring of information being interpreted will be eliminated.

Internet of Things

By incorporating technological aspects such as sensors into items being used daily, people could have an advantage over tsunami strikes. The internet can be used to bridge the gap between technology and humans, thereby allowing human beings to access information collected by new technologies and possibly acting on that information sooner rather than later. With this option, possible solutions and mode of action could also be accessed in time, thereby leaving enough room to implement preventive measures.


There has always been a debate as to whether robotics is good for human beings or if they pose a threat. When it comes to tsunami prevention, they can bring many benefits, which include aiding nuclear reactor protection to humans. One positive aspect of robotics is that they can be used to access places where human cannot, and they can process information faster than humans. This means they can be used to access contaminated areas or areas deemed inaccessible to gather information, which can then be used by humans to prevent tsunamis. Robotics, when used with super intelligence, can prove to be the weapon against devastating tsunamis.


New technology can expand human capabilities in many areas including in the prevention of tsunamis. They remove communication hindrances as well as any barriers pertaining to making changes that prevent a tsunami. Another new technology that can be used is nuclear-burning technology that can help eradicate nuclear debris and enhance nuclear radiation protection. New technology can also be used to change people's lifestyles, which in turn will help preserve the environment. Since tsunamis are caused by climatic changes, protecting the environment will help reduce its occurrence.

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Using New Technology to Prevent Tsunamis
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