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Useful Gadgets for Your Everyday Life

These are your literal tools for success, from entertainment needs to household cleaning, these are the tried and true gadgets for your everyday life.

Most of us might not even notice it, but a large portion of our lives are spent operating machinery. I don't mean cars or computers, but even mundane tasks like vacuuming have been given simplicity thanks to the advanced technologies we have faced in the past decade. More and more of these advances are reshaping our lives, constituting far more eccentric ways to experience the surrounding world. 

These can be likened to the most useful gadgets for your everyday life. These tools can be anything from an electronic toothbrush, to a media streaming device. When all is said and done, the electronics that surround us drastically make our lives easier no matter what we may feel about them. Some contend correctly that these advances are making us exponentially lazier, still others think that the future can hold bounds of unbridled potential. Whether good or bad, the following products are proven to make your everyday life that much more bearable through limiting time and effort on silly mundane tasks. 

Home Mini by Google

With the sudden push and advancement in in-home entertainment systems that can also answer your every request has unfolded into a whole new market of products, one of which being Google's Home Mini. It may not seem practical, but it sure does amaze the user significantly. 

Much like Amazon's Alexa-integrated Echo, this product utilizes voice commands and auditory responses to make your in-home needs not only hands free, but totally hassle free. These devices are the future of our living room experiences, making them some of the most useful gadgets for your everyday life. 

Pixie Tracker by Pixie

Prone to losing your valuables in a moment's notice? Pixie tracker helps you find those lost items with a sophisticated augmented reality, which visually shows you where your misplaced things can be relocated. 

It's a neat and underused tool that should be implemented more in common use. Whether it be your keys, wallet, laundry card, or so on, they can be tracked with this simple gadget, even if your phone's out of battery! They are some of the most useful gadgets for your everyday life if you're one of those forgetful people like me. 

Hue White LED Smart Bulbs by Philips Lighting Company

This pack of four white LED bulbs are actually intelligent little gadgets, believe it or not, and some would say they're among the most useful gadgets for everyday life, for their illuminating qualities made easy. 

Among the many smart gadgets you didn't know existed, these LED bulbs by Philips can be remote controlled from anywhere and can be set to a specific schedule on the Philips Hue App. In order to get the full experience, you would need the Hue Bridge, but Philips has a host of accessorized products to go along with their bulbs, making them a worthwhile investment that can last a lifetime

Harmony 650 All in One Remote Control by Logitech

Supporting up to 8 devices with a readout screen and one-touch activity buttons, the Harmony 650 remote by Logitech is easily one of the most useful gadgets for everyday life. Instead of holding onto the myriad of varied remote controls that go with each individual product, this all in one remote creates easy access to all of your tech needs. 

If you know someone who has two TVs, a loud speaker, cable box, and other remotely controlled technology packed into one room, Logitech's Harmony will not only make their life so much easier, it will relieve the stress of finding the remote associated with the given device. That's why it's one of the perfect gifts for the techie in your life.

inReach Explorer+ by Garmin

Hopefully this doesn't end up to be one of your more overused products, but it sure will make hunting and camping trips a breeze. Garmin's inReach Explorer is a handheld satellite device that tracks your whereabouts to the longitude and latitude. 

In addition to a highly sophisticated navigation system, the inReach also utilizes back and forth satellite messaging, in addition to various other tools, such as a barometer, altimeter, compass, and an SOS button for further safety precautions. 

Power Banks Portable Charger by RAVPower

Portable chargers became a favorite over the past five years, as the rate in smartphone battery life likewise plummeted. That's why these often bulky, yet highly necessary products are some of the most useful gadgets for everyday life, because our phones die without warning practically all the time. 

Thanks to the engineers at RAVPower, this super powerful battery is not just portable, it can be used to power any type of smartphone. Available in 3 colors for personal flavor, the Power Banks can charge three devices at once and is made with lightweight high-density Li-Polymer for constraint-free mobility. 

Automatic Pet Feeder by Arf Pets

As long as you own a pet, it's one of the most useful gadgets for your everyday life: the automatic pet feeder. Most useful for dogs and cats, this product by Arf Pets will automatically deliver food to your animal on the schedules you set with the machine. 

It's one of the most pet friendly tech products available, stock with its own alarm system, light up LCD clock and display, in addition to a customizable tray made specifically for either dogs or cats. Stop wasting time leaving reminders to feed your pets when the automatic feeder can do it all for you in a cinch!

Roomba 680 Robot Vacuum by iRobot

For the clean freak techies out there, the iRobot Roomba is one of the most useful gadgets for your everyday life. It's a handsfree device that is certified and has a manufacturer's warranty to work better than your normal vacuum cleaner. 

You can either press the Clean button for an instant job, or schedule it for up to 7x per week so it takes care of all the surfaces in your home without you even knowing it. It also has dirt detectors for a sophisticated clean that undergoes a 3-step process for the maximizing of results. 

Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD by Amazon

This is the new cable: more channels and no monthly bill! From Apple's AppleTV to the Roku, more and more streaming media products are hitting shelves, but one of the most useful gadgets for your everyday life easily comes down to the all-new Fire TV. 

Amazon's newly launched upgrade of their Fire Stick showcases some brilliant new features, the likes of which most other devices can't even compete with, specifically 4K Ultra HD and an Alexa voice control that makes the living room TV your personal entertainment guru in the palm of your hand. For the most sophisticated streaming product, try Amazon's brand new Fire TV for the best in quality and speed. 

Genius Pro 8000 Power Toothbrush by Oral-B

It's something you definitely should be doing each and everyday, but probably don't: brushing your teeth. It does add time to your busy schedule, but it shouldn't be ignored if in a rush, which is why Oral-B's Genius Pro is a must have among the most useful gadgets for your everyday life. 

More than just a battery-charged, two-in-one brush, the Genius Pro is backed by the very best specialists in dental hygienics. It can even be synced to your smartphone for alerts on poor brushing, better techniques, and zones you may be missing. There's also complex pressure sensors that calibrate effectively to protect your gums from damage. 

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader by Amazon

For the voracious readers out there, or even the studious knowledge craving students in college, the Kindle Paperwhite will make for one of the most useful gadgets for your everyday life by adding all of your favorite texts to your handheld E-reader device. 

Why lug around a bunch of books or deal with trying to sell them off when you can easily store thousands upon thousands of titles in the palm of your hand? The new Paperwhite also has an enhanced screen for a higher resolution display, longer battery life, no screen glare, and built-in adjustable light that makes it the most personal E-reader around.

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Useful Gadgets for Your Everyday Life
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