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Uprising 3D Rendering Artists on Instagram to Keep an Eye On

Hidden behind every photo you may have seen in magazines is a 3D artist who happened to create a chair you admired.

Have you ever had those moments when you're skimming through pages in a magazine (if you still do read paper magazines) or scrolling through Instagram and you happen to cross by a 3D photo that you admire and believe it is real? Maybe you even picture yourself living there? Sadly, believe it or not, you may not be actually seeing a real picture. But what you do see is the makings of a 3D rendering sample of an artist's work. 

Why should you guys keep an eye on these artists? 

Well, many 3D artists on Instagram post their work on their pages with very few who show how they're done. These artists listed below are a few from Instagram who share their work as well as providing services to create their client's ideas into realities. 

What is 3D rendering?

"3D rendering is a creative process that is similar to photography or cinematography because you are lighting and staging scenes and producing images. Unlike regular photography, however, the scenes being photographed are imaginary, and everything appearing in a 3D rendering needs to be created (or re-created) in the computer before it can be rendered. This is a lot of work, but allows for an almost infinite amount of creative control over what appears in the scene, and how it is depicted." (This definition was provided by 3drending.com)

1: Specular Images

Location: Chicago, IL

At Specular Images, they take the ideas or concepts of their clients and turn them into breathtaking, realistic images or animations. 

They provide the following:

• Architectural renderings and animations

• Environment renderings

• Marketing images for products and advertisements 

• 3D modeling and texturing for assets. 

Need their service? Check out their website: www.specularimages.com/  or follow them on Instagram: www.instagram.com/specularimages/

More sample work:

via Specular Images

2: EyeDesyn

Location: Denver, Colorado 


EyeDesyn provides Cinema 4D tutorials and products for any 3D artists wanting to learn, engage or create what their minds desire. 

Their website provides over 100 tutorials. Here is a list of a couple of them: 

• Cinema 4D Dynamics in a 2D Mograph Workflow

• Throwing & Catching Objects Using Cinema 4D Parent Constraints

• Seven Tips for Creating Great-Looking 3D Text in Cinema 4D

• Using Displacement in Octane Render for Cinema 4D

and much more...

Need their service? Check out their website: www.eyedesyn.com/  or follow them on Instagram: www.instagram.com/eyedesyn/?hl=en 

More sample work:

via EyeDeysn

3. Gayatri Design

via. Gayatri Design

Location: Mumbai, India


Gayatri Design provides 3D modeling software, which they create beautiful realistic models that can be viewed as both 2D and 3D simulations. 

Need their service? Check out their website: https://gayatridesign.com/ or follow them on Instagram: www.instagram.com/gayatri_design/

More sample work:

via Gayatri Design

4. CG Marines

Location: Hidalgo, Mexico


CG Marines are dedicated to training with up to date digital software programs and are passionate about architecture visualization.   

Need their service? Check out their website: m.facebook.com/CG.Marines/ or follow them on Instagram: www.instagram.com/cg_marines/

More sample work:

via. CG Marines

5. Restless Architecture

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

About: Restless Architecture started its establishment in 2016. 

Need their service? Follow them on Instagram: www.instagram.com/restless.arch/

More Sample Work:

via Restless Architecture 

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Uprising 3D Rendering Artists on Instagram to Keep an Eye On
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