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Top-Rated Apps for Busy Parents Who Totally Can't Even

For Those of Us with Too Much on Our Plates

How did our parents survive without google?

My Fitness Pal

Whether you are looking to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain it, this free comprehensive, easy to use app will help you set goals, and knock them out of the park. 

Boasting the biggest food database, as well as a bar code scanner, My fitness pal simplifies calorie counting, nutrition tracking, exercise, and water tracking. 

When I first started using this app, it taught me that I was actually not eating enough calories, and helped me be accountable, and see, in real time, how much more I needed to eat, at any time. 

It even sends you notifications if you missed logging a meal, and, if you are inactive for longer, it passive aggressively shames you for not using it. That's my style. Give it to me, fitness pal! NO MERCY!



Now the only thing you'll have to remember when wearing white pants is not to wipe your hands on them.

This one is for the population who get to deal with our ever mystifying periods.

This app is amazing. How many times have we stared blankly at our doctor when asked "When was the first day of your last period?" only to answer "Ummm....like, a month ago?"

Then scoff like he's the dope who can't even track something they've been living with since they hit puberty. 

What I love so much about it, is that it not only tracks your period, but has the capability to track your ovulation, which is great if you're trying to get pregnant, and even better if you're not. 

It also offers the option to track other things like when you last had sex, whether or not you used protection, if you took a pregnancy test, had an acne break out....etc

Not only will it help you keep track of all this, reducing the chances of being surprised by ole' Aunt Flo (Damnit! Why did I wear white pants??!), but it helps you learn more about your own body by doing so!

No more surprise periods? Less worrying about getting pregnant when you weren't trying? What more could you want?!

I'll never forget the look on my doctor's face when I got pregnant with my third child, and I could actually tell him, not only the first day of my last period, but the days I ovulated, and the exact day I got pregnant

If you want to take control of your reproductive health, I highly recommend this app. 

It's free, easy to use, and available for Android and iPhone.

Baby Tracker

Because your hopes and dreams now involve tracking a tiny human's bowel movements. 

Parents of young children, rejoice

This app lets you track eating sessions, whether you breastfeed, or bottle feed, with a handy timer for nursing (and whether you nursed on the left or right side, last), and quantity tracker for formula fed babies.

No more lopsided boobies for you!

Other things you can track are: diaper changes (wet, dirty, mixed, or dry, and what time), naps, growth, milestones and more! 

It took a little bit for me to figure out how to do everything on here (like edit, for example, if I forgot to turn off the nursing timer), but, besides that, I've had no other issues with ease of use. 

It has made it so much easier for us to figure out baby's schedule, so we can better plan for all the other things that we need to do.

Because there is nothing worse than scheduling a doctor's appointment right at baby's nap time without even realizing it, and choosing between running around town with a screaming child, or rescheduling the appointment. 


If you like fitness tracker, but you find you are struggling with the task of figuring out your fitness level, setting goals, meal planning etc, this app will do it all for you.

While there is a free version, you need to pay to upgrade to be able to meal plan, get grocery lists, and get personalized workouts. 

While this may turn some people off, (because everyone loves free) I can attest that all the extra features you get for the $6 or so a month are more than worth it. 

This app will take the guess work out of setting, and reaching, your fitness and health goals. 

Not only will it give you personalized exercises according to your fitness and activity levels (I'm starting at beginner...no shame!)...it will also customize meal plans according to your food preferences, goals and preferred time prep (under five minutes, weekly prep, family friendly etc...) IT WILL WRITE YOUR MF GROCERY LIST FOR YOU!

Hallelujah! Please, take my money! 

As a busy parent of three, one of my biggest struggles is meal planning and making grocery lists. 

This app has proven itself to be invaluable to me, and has saved me so much time and energy in having to figure that out for myself (and three others who want to eat nothing but yogurt and peanut butter sandwiches...and pizza. Always pizza.)

Also, just like fitness tracker, more passive aggressive shaming. 

I mean.....daily reminders of your goals. 

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Top-Rated Apps for Busy Parents Who Totally Can't Even
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