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Top Laptops for Video Editing in 2018

Are you in the market for a laptop for all of your video editing needs? Here is our list for the best editing laptops in 2018.

There are many laptops for video editing on the market today because being a video editor is a very common job and hobby these days. To edit video, you need a laptop with high resolution, high performance, a solid state drive, and a hard drive with a lot of storage. Gaming laptops and video editing laptops are very similar because they require top of the line features. Here are some the best editing laptops to buy that will give you the most for your money. Who knows, maybe one of these laptops will lead to you ending up on the list of Academy Award for Best Film Editing.

15-inch MacBook Pro by Apple

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro is an excellent laptop for video editing, because it has a touch bar, a faster Radeon Pro 460 GPU, and a colorful high-resolution display. The touch bar makes editing video easy because it adapts as you use different apps, and you never have to leave full screen mode. This editing laptop is super lightweight and easy to carry on the go.

Yoga 720 by Lenovo

The Yoga 720 is a great laptop for video editing, because it can turn into a handheld tablet easily with its convertible design. It has a touchscreen and a keypad, and it makes editing videos in high resolution and ultra HD very convenient. This device also has a 4k screen and high-performance battery life. One of the best editing laptops around because of its sleek features; you can’t go wrong with the Yoga 720 by Lenovo. It'll help you edit video that you can then project onto one of the best home projector screens you can buy in 2018.

Pavilion 15 by HP

The Pavilion 15 by HP is a great laptop for video editing if you need something cheap and if you’re a beginner video editor who doesn’t want to jump in with a huge purchase right away. This editing laptop will do the trick with key features including 16GB of ram, widescreen, and touch optional screen functionality.

Surface Book 2 by Microsoft

The Surface Book 2 is a very versatile laptop, which makes it a great laptop for video editing. Video editors will enjoy that this laptop allows users to edit video from both a laptop version and tablet version of the device. The battery lasts over 12 hours, which means video editors have no fear of losing their projects in the process of editing.

XPS 15 by Dell

The XPS 15 by Dell is one of the best laptops for video editing, because it has an enormous screen and an innovative 2-in-1 design. Dell promises that the battery life will last up to 15 hours, which is incredible for laptops for video. This device has a 4K screen, up to 16GB of ram, and an Intel Core i5-8305G hard drive. With up to 1TB PCIe SSD storage, this device is impressive and great for video editing. Then you can play the finished product using one of the best soundbars under $300 you can buy in 2018.

17 R4 by Alienware

The 17 R4 by Alienware is one of the best laptops for video editing as well as a great gaming laptop. This editing laptop features an 8th Gen Intel Core i9-Series processor, 1000 GB hard drive, and up to 32 GB of ram. The high-performance keyboard has added commands, it is designed for virtual reality gaming as well as a 17-inch screen for editing, and much more.

ZBook x2 by HP

The Zbook x2 by HP will give you a laptop for video editing with solid state drive, wide 4K display, and a stylus pen that can be used for creative work. This editing laptop has a stand, so it can be propped up like a canvas. This laptop for video editing has an 8th Gen Core i7 CPU processor, a bluetooth keyboard, and high performance for all your editing needs. Use the Zbook to create content that you can then watch using one of the best media streaming devices in 2018.

VivoBook Pro 15 by ASUS

The VivoBook Pro 15 is a great laptop for video editing because it boasts a huge 15.6-inch display as well as an Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU processor, 16GB of ram, and 4GB of memory. The design looks like the MacBook Pro on the outside, but this option is cheaper. While spending less means you won’t get the same high performance as some of the more expensive competitors out there, the VivoBook is still an excellent editing laptop and a great option for what you pay.

PC EVO15-S by Origin

The PC EVO15-S is another laptop for video editing that can be considered a great gaming laptop. This laptop has a Core i7-7700HQ processor, 16gb of ram, a large 15.6-inch high resolution display screen, and is a great editing laptop because it is so customizable. This laptop is light weight despite all the features it includes and is known for its solid, high performance design. You can’t go wrong with this laptop if you are both a video editor and a serious video gamer.

Stealth by RazerBlade

The Stealth by RazerBlade is a great laptop for video editing and video gaming. It has 512 GB of SSD storage, a 1.8GHz Intel Core i7-8550U processor, up to 16GB of ram, and a 13.3-inch high-resolution display, which makes it easy to carry around. This Ultrabook is slim, less expensive than many of the other editing laptop competitors out there, and still gives you every amazing feature required for excellent video editing and video gaming.

All these options on laptops for video editing are solid choices. Depending on your budget and specific required features as a video editor, some of these editing laptops may stand out to you over the others. When choosing an editing laptop, compare storage, speed, memory, display, and overall performance. With technology today, the options out there are sure to exceed your expectations!

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Top Laptops for Video Editing in 2018
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