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The Picture

The Apple Gang

When I was just starting out, I worked with so many different computers and phones. I wanted to stay in touch, work, and I wanted to be fast! What you are looking at is my Sony collection that I work with. Doing all the writing, looking for pictures to go with my writing, and using my phones—you can imagine what my day is like. Most times I write, I am always writing something that happened or something in my head. I always use my phones (I use my Samsung phone as well) to make the calls I need or want to make. The picture that you are looking at is real and I do use the computer, iPads, and phones. When I took the photo of the items in sets (Samsung and Sony) I was thinking, "Yeah, I will use it on my Instagram and Pinterest." Then I thought to myself that maybe I would speak about it here and that brings me to writing it to you. Man, looking at them off doesn't seem as intimidating as when they are on and running programs. When I took the photo of this, I remembered how each one felt to use. The buttons on the iPads and phones seem to be the same. The keys on the computer seem to be harder to use (you ever get that?). I do marvel at the sites that I come across on all mostly because they are information sites. I love getting information especially information on how to do something. I find that the phones are better because you can carry them everywhere you go. The computers are good if you are going to sit or stand for a while in one place. Both are really fast as you can type and both get you what you want in the end. In the end, we know that the specs on the computer and phones are what people should be looking for. Sometimes people just want the look and feel of them but me, I want it for work. So sometimes Sony and other times Samsung—both of them are great! 

When I write a story, so much goes into it, like the writing, photos, caption, and more. It is the same thing when I use camera, computer, or phone to take the photos and then I use one of my computers to write. I always write more than what is needed or allowed and I get the work done. I find that my iPad (smaller one) takes the photos I need (pictures come out nice), my phone (whatever I have) records my voice, and the computer I use to type the words. When I use the ones in the picture, I always get what I want. Not to say I don't when I use my Samsung pieces (because I do), I just wanted that to be known. I get clear photos, clear voice, and I type on my computer (whichever one), and I am good. You know, come to think of it, most things are different when you use the Apple items. It is a great experience when you use Apple products. The computer is like a typewriter with brains, the phones are for listening and speaking, and the iPad is for everything else!

My computer is an older model, my phones range from the talking to listening, and my iPads are great for picking who, what, and where. I have great moments when working with all of those together. When I am writing a story and it is really good, I know it. Using all of the above items together is a great thing to do especially when you have a story to tell. That is for another day and it is a doosey! Anyway, I just wanted you to know what I was thinking while looking at the picture I took. 

Talk to you later!