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The New Technology Coming to Households in 2018

All the New Gadgets Coming to Houses in 2018

There are many new gadgets that are becoming a growing influence on households within households around the world. There are many new Sony, Amazon, and Google products that have been bought for people, especially around Christmas time. Many of these could have been given as a gift to a loved one. However, many can also be bought with leftover Christmas money.

The first product is the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot. These products are very similar as they are just a smaller version of each other, and therefore, they are becoming a growing household item. The echo can do many things such as play music, control any lights—should they be smart light, and search on the internet. These are small little items that can help do many things, especially as you talk to it rather than having to press any buttons. It will also help you with other jobs such as writing a shopping list that you can update.

The Google Home Mini is Google’s alternative to Amazon’s Echo, as they do similar things such as tell the weather when asked, therefore it will save people time while getting changed or doing other things as well as this. It can tell you the news or even search up Wikipedia pages online.

Another product is the new iPhone X from Apple. This is a well known but expensive product. The iPhone X is the biggest screen on an iPhone since it's 0.3 inches bigger than the next biggest: the iPhone 8 plus. The main new addition to the iPhone X is facial recognition, therefore making it harder for people to log in without it being their own phone. You can also purchase using facial recognition, making it more secure than ever, especially when compared to recent iPhones where passcodes and fingerprint scanners were the only way to secure your iPhone. Therefore, this gives an all new level of security.

The next product that will be seen in households will be the new Microsoft Surface. This is because it’s a very thin laptop that does more than any other laptop on the market. However, it's retailing at around $1,300. It also comes with Windows 10 S.

The next product is a gaming monitor. This is the Samsung CHG90. This is a 49 inch gaming monitor for the top gamers. The product is also curved for optimal results and graphics. The monitor has a 32:9 aspect ratio, which is the market leader and therefore, for any top-level gamers, this is the perfect fit for them.

The final product is another Apple product, this time the MacBook Pro, and it has an easy to navigate iOS software that is on all Apple devices from MacBooks to iPhones. The retail price of the new MacBook Pro is also around $1,300, which is the same price as their competitors over at Microsoft, but there are many more advantages to the MacBook when compared to Microsoft’s product, such as a bigger screen and an extra USB Port.

Overall, there are many new products on the market that can be bought to improve many other parts of daily life, as listed above. Therefore, this article shows many of them that can be bought. However, it’s important to see that there are many other products. However, there are many other high technology items coming throughout 2018, and possibly more to be announced for the year after—2019. But overall, there are many more items of technology to come as well as possibly new items that could be world-changing, but only the future can tell that, and we can only wait to explore what's about to come.

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The New Technology Coming to Households in 2018
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