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The New Cable: More Channels and No Monthly Bill!

The Cheaper Alternative That Is Costing Cable Billions This Holiday

Picture by: Pixabay

Many of you may have had cable in the 90s when it boomed on the scene almost instantly, creating a huge hype that came with a price tag that seemed to good to pass up. Well since then, it has died down majorly because of the introduction of modern technology.

Because of the ever expanding, mass-growing of electronic devices that are created, it seems like every four months there's something new. And well, most people try to catch the wave so they're not left behind, so to speak.

But if you're like most people who are living with an average income, then this information will be intriguing for you. This is the news you have been waiting for.

There have been a few companies who came up with a brilliant idea to have a tiny device inserted into your HDTV (or any compatible TV) that will accept it and you have unlimited access to tons of channels. All with no monthly bill and no activation fees attached. Awesome news, right. I can feel your excitement.

I'm going to share some a few new exclusive updated additions to the already evolving streamlining systems.

No cable, no satellite. No worries.

The features include:

  • An HDMI output for connection
  • A multitude of channels and over 500K movies to choose from as well as TV episodes
  • Thousands of apps to choose between with complete access to Alexa.
  •  A micro USB for power or purchase optional Amazon Ethernet Adapter.
  • Also for your advantage is the speed and reliability of having wired internet.
  • 4K crystal clear Ultra true-to-life picture, sound and crisp quality with access up to 60 fps, HDR, and Dolby Atmos audio.

Enjoy and kick back to your favorite programs including Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, PlayStation Vue, YouTube, SHOWTIME, HBO, STARZ, and so much more. Note—subscription fees may apply. 

By simply using your voice you can easily control and find numerous content with your Alexa voice remote. You can even use it and pair it with your an Echo device for easy hands-free content control.

There's so much more to do with Alexa because of this new added upgrade version. Everything from ordering takeout to playing your favorite jams. It can even be used for controlling compatible lights and other smart home devices. Don't worry if you don't get something, you can be walked through the process by reading the manual or searching YouTube for step by step instructions. Easy as pie.

Members who have a Prime subscription automatically gain access to thousands of unlocked movies and TV episodes, including weekly football, as well as millions of ad-free songs with prime music to listen to whenever you want.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

There is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what age or location you are in the world. It will happily satisfy those who are looking to save money and not go over a certain fixed price point. The good thing with this is that you never have to ever worry about any extra unwanted bills as long as you live. Great thing is Amazon is offering a payment plan so you can split the payments by months. Get more info in the above link. I think it's a win-win situation. Can't get much better than that!

Echo Spot- White

Divine Dynasty
Divine Dynasty

Connecting with people around the world by sharing with you her writing passion. You will identify with her timeless work as you become inspired. At her lowest, she came out of it by working on her inner self and becoming a Life Coach.

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The New Cable: More Channels and No Monthly Bill!
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