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The Meaning of Instagram Likes

... And Getting Rid of Them

Recently, Instagram announced that they will be getting rid of likes. In the beginning, the update begins in Canada, and then, it will be spread all around the globe (every country which has access to Instagram.) Tests in Canada started on April, 30th.

Likes for an Average User

We tend to judge people; this is a very old instinct. When we were hunting millions of years ago, judgement of the situation was crucial in order to survive. Nowadays, we don't hunt anymore (at least I don't), but we still judge, and are judged. Haven't you ever been insecure whether to post a picture on the internet or not? Once, I've watched a YouTube video where the girl recording said: "My youtube-self doesn't care about the appearance, but the Instagram-self (pause), she cares about her appearance" It hit me, that she filters out so much of her own personality from these pictures. Why exactly? 

Me and you, we don't filter out so much, but haven't you sometimes thought if it's right to post a picture or not? 

Likes for Influencers

Likes are the measurement variable of a profile's fame and impact. Some people might say that the Instagram presence spins around them. Through a high like ratio, brands will determine whether to collaborate with an influencer or not. In result, buying likes and followers became a thing.

From curiosity, I've looked up some websites, which provide this service and on a site called www.idigic.net, you can buy 1000 likes for $9.95

[Our profiles] look realistic and probably nobody will figure out that you have purchased likes and followers.

How great! 

To be honest, it seems to be a waste of money to me. It's like trying to fool the Internet, and yourself for $10... This cheap trick might boost up one's profile for a month, but real influencers shouldn't be begging for likes, or buying them. They have to give value to people; and in exchange for their attention, be able to collaborate with brands.

The World_Record_Egg.

An evidence of how we're influenced by the numbers is the world_record_egg. It's a picture of an egg which by the time of May, 2019 has got over 53 milion likes. When the like counter will be removed, this won't be able to happen again.

Apart from the oddness of this record, it's quite impressive, how numbers affect us.

The 'Purge'

Many people were suprised when they first read about removing likes. I was scared, because I'm hoping to make social media my full time job. 

Mark Zuckerberg says that Instagram will focus more on privacy. Getting rid of likes is obviously a move towards it. In my opinion, they do this, because they care about the users. They know that content users are good for the business. 

In their future plans, Stories and DM's are going to be the priorities. The engagement in your feed is less and less for actual connections. I mean, how many times are you commenting to try to make a new friend, a new connection?

For the influencers, the game is going to change, but not really to the worst. The goal won't be anymore to have a big audience, it'll be to have an impact on people. At the end of the day, a huge following doesn't matter if a company can get exactly as many sales as from a small profile. 

Let's see, how the future Instagram is going to turn out. Anyways, if it'll be possible, then how cool would it be to find friends across the world? Social media will be more social, less media.

Final Words

I wonder how the fate of Instagram will go. It's possible that a new platform will pop up; and that it will imitate the old Instagram. 

If you want to read more articles I wrote, then go to my profile right now! Thanks :)

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The Meaning of Instagram Likes
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