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The Future Is Now!

The future is finally here.

When people think of the future most of the time they think of what can happen. When I think of the future, I think of Japan. Japan? Yes, Japan. Japan is way ahead of everybody on this planet. If you do not believe then you would need to read this as I tell you how Japan is in the future. The United States can learn a lot from Japan. I do not know how Japan can be ahead of us in technology when they were isolated for so long. 

The Way They Travel

The first thing that makes them ahead of us has to be their way of travel. They have multiple metro systems in one city, not just one. They also have a bullet train that can go speeds up to 200 MPH. The train can get to places way faster than the trains we have in the States. These trains would be good in places on the east coast of the United States. It just makes traveling so much easier. Traveling in Japan can be packed but it is way faster than in the United States; they even have a highway that goes through a building. 

Here in the United States, we are working on cars that drive themselves; yeah that is something that is more in the future, but in Japan, they are already thinking of having robots drive the cars. That brings up one more thing how they are ahead of us. Their robots are way more advanced than ours. They have robots that can scan you and can make you coffee. Robots in Japan are advancing fast and they are way ahead of the United States. Robots are the future and Japan know this and are focusing a lot on their robots. Here in the States, we are just starting to get on to working on it. They have robots that can sweat and feel feelings. In restaurants in Japan, they have robots that will serve you, and even in some places, they will even make the food. Something that is robot-like is the toilets they have. 

Toilets in Japan are one thing I think could be a benefit in the United States because they have water squirters inside so when you are done, they will clean down there. This could be helpful in the States for many reasons, one because it eliminates the waste of trees for the toilet paper that we use. It also reduces germ spreading, by not using your hands so much. The toilets can also check your urine, your fat percentage, and your heart rate. This could keep people more aware of how healthy or unhealthy you are. This could help in the growing problem of heart problems in the United States. 

One thing American is known for has to be eating on the go. To us walking to work with coffee in your hand is normal to us but in lots of other parts of the world, they think it is weird, but this thing Japan has could make the Americans go crazy. That thing is vending machines. That is right: vending machine. You are probably saying we have that here but you have not seen the ones in Japan. The Japanese have vending machines for everything. They have vending machines for soup, umbrellas, condoms, toys, hamburgers, bananas, oranges, eggs, energy drinks, and sodas of course. The vending machines are convenient, and America needs convenient. 

The love for vending machines that the Japenese have is obvious but it is more clear when you find out that they have a parking building that works like a vending machine. You would park on a platform that will move your car up and when you want your car back you will push the slot where your car is at and it will bring it down. This can be super convenient in cities like in New York and Los Angeles. 

The United States needs to step up their technology game because Japan is going to leave us in the past. We are going to be stuck in the past.