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Technology Today

Technology 2018

The Millennial generation has one of the greatest advantages ever and that’s technology. Technology isn’t even close to what it used to be 10 years ago. I remember when you had to go to the store just to get a movie now if you can rent one for under $5 for 5 minutes. Computers used to take up half a room and they couldn’t do what scientific calculators can do now. If you wanted to have a business you would have to get a loan, or if you were one of the lucky ones you could write a check out for the amount, then you would have to purchase a building to operate your business. Now there are fifteen-year-old children operating million dollar businesses from their cell phones.

If I were to say that teenagers are making millions of dollars from running a business 10 years ago people would think that I am crazy but it’s the truth and the new reality. Technology has even changed the economy, no longer are people working traditional 40 hours a week jobs; people are now working from the comfort of their home. Technology has allowed people to make good money by doing what they love versus being stuck in a job or career that they don’t like.

While technology has helped us a society it has also hurt us in a lot of ways. Businesses that were once open have now been shut down because people don’t go to brick and mortar stores like they used to. Stores like Toys R Us used to be number one but as technology progressed people's shopping patterns change and unfortunately a lot of business owners didn’t catch on fast enough and their business suffered. One business that took note of the change is Walmart. Two years ago people were shocked to find out that Amazon surpassed Walmart in sales, even without having physical stores like Walmart has. Walmart caught on very quick now they have an impressive online ordering system which includes a state of the art app which can be downloaded on any phone or tablet just like Amazon’s app can.

To prevent from going out of business they even went into new ventures like bringing your groceries to your car, store to store transfer and they're about to start selling cars at select locations. Every successful business person knows you have to stay relevant and knowledge of all current trends or you will quickly turn into a used to be. There have been worse things to come from technology but there have also been good things to come from technology like the ability to connect to people from all around the world.

Once upon a time talking to someone in a different state was amazing now it’s normal for someone to have a conversation with someone on another continent! It’s very funny to see how the newer generations view things compared to the older generation due to technology. For example, someone born before technology might still buy compact discs, also known as CDs, but people born in this generation usually stream the music from online streaming services. I know someone who has an entire room filled with vinyl and CDs and I was joking on how I had their music collection in the palm of my hand thanks to the internet and my cell phone.

The same concept applies to pictures on the wall. Some people like to have a lot of pictures on their wall but thanks to technology I can now buy a digital picture frame and they will show all of my photos in one single slideshow all day long. So instead of having my entire wall covered up by pictures, I can have one high tech photo frame which shows all of my pictures in a slide show. Technology has contributed so many things to our word we don’t have enough ink to write it down. 

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