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The tech industry makes the social media world go 'round; explore the technologies that keep us all connected.

Athena N. 3 days ago
The Anatomy of Social Media
This past week I found myself struggling for motivation. I was lacking productivity and therefore was stuck in this atrocious cycle of procrastination. School, work, and everything in between just kep...
Monica Bennett14 days ago
Reddit Explained
The death of StumbleUpon was a difficult dilemma for me. I received most of my reads from this site, so what to do, what to do? I turned to my nemesis, Reddit. I don't say this lightly - Reddit can be...
Jaden Bleua month ago
Face to Face Economy
How has Facebook shaped the economy as we know it?
Gaby a month ago
Social Media Detox
This week I have removed all forms of social media from my phone; Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, and I wanted to voice my findings. I have recently returned from Australia and have found myself su...
Lindsay Johnson2 months ago
Loading... loading... loading... start. Eerie silence flushed through the Earth like a deadly parasite awaiting to attach to its host, to connect. Little did everyone know just how "connected" they tr...
Amelia Milton2 months ago
Is Social Media Disconnecting More Than It Is Connecting People?
Are we escaping the complexities of reality to enjoy a seemingly simpler ‘virtuality’?
Blake O'Connor2 months ago
11 Ways Facebook Will Change in the Near Future
Socio-political changes and demands from users is forcing Facebook's hand to make adjustments. Facebook has undergone massive changes to its product, company culture, and importance to modern society ...
Alexis Hart2 months ago
My Social Media Detox
My name is Alexis, and I am addicted to my phone. Okay there I said it. The first stage to fight addiction is admitting to it, right? Well here’s the thing, we are all addicted and if not all, the vas...
Infinite Love3 months ago
Facebook Attempts to Curb Worldwide Social Media Addiction
Did you ever think that you could have a social media addiction? How long can you go before logging in and checking your Instagram account, Facebook page, Pinterest, or Twitter feed? According to a co...
Samantha Goldklang3 months ago
Teens in the 21st Century
Social media is one of the greatest and worst inventions to date. The pros include being able to connect with people all over the world, staying updated with any sort of news, having a platform for pe...
Vanessa Poulson3 months ago
I Tried Buying Likes on Instagram (So You Don't Have To)
For reference, I am not recommending whatsoever that you do this. When Instagram was founded, it was in the idea that people could show parts of their lives to each other; like a photo album that the ...
Kate Korte5 months ago
Understanding Your Instagram Influence
The following is an excerpt from a talk I gave on social media at Amplifying Ideas. St. Albert's Amplify Festival celebrates student art and inspires creativity. It is entirely youth initiated. Thank ...
Ellie Hunter5 months ago
Beauty Is in the Eye of the Camera
In the age of technological advancement and social media, the views that young boys and girls have are becoming distorted at a rapid pace. According to market research firm "Influence Central," the av...
Chloe Walton6 months ago
How to Create Better Paid Social Media Advertisements
Social media has become a crucial part of companies' marketing strategies with 2.80 billion users in 2017. Most social media sites allow you to produce paid adverts or sponsor your posts so that peopl...
Katie Edwards6 months ago
Dangerous Social Media Challenges Need to Stop!
At one time, the internet used to be a much more peaceful place than it is now. MSN Messenger was hugely popular, Facebook wasn't a thing and you were considered 'seriously cool' if you had the latest...
Eden Fukushima6 months ago
I Delete Instagram Pictures That Don't Receive at Least 100 Likes
Like many twenty-year-olds today, I have grown up with the rise in social media. I wasn't allowed to have a MySpace, but I had a Facebook at thirteen (the minimum age requirement for the site). Then c...
Red G6 months ago
Why You Should Never Join Google+
I started using Google+ roughly six years ago when it first launched. It was originally a service that required you to be invited by an already existing user. Even though I was using Facebook at the t...
Jaden Jackson7 months ago
Social Media Is Sure Addicting
Being bored is never fun, but is being on social media all day really that fun either? It is starting to dominate people’s lives and quite honestly can be a form of addiction. I see seven-year-olds wa...