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10 Social Media Companies That Are Wrapped up in Scandal
We live our lives by the telephone. Whether it be to phone a loved one or check reviews for that new restaurant, it seems to be even the most innocent of encounters that prove to ultimately be the mos...
Charlotte Frienda month ago
Social Media Addiction
I didn't think I spent hours each day worrying about what others thought about me—or at least the select shots and thoughts I chose to share with them. But when Apple released their screen time and I ...
Amanda Spradlina month ago
The Influence of Facebook
The world has become a place of such conflict and controversy throughout politics and technology recently, producing a fear of what will come of it all in the future. Could it be painstakingly detrime...
Kayla Tripletta month ago
How to Gain Followers on Instagram
Some people dream of success, while others get up every morning and make it happen. -Wayne Huizenga
amira iilhia month ago
Why I Hate YouTube
I’ve debated talking about this for a long time and haven’t known how exactly to come forward and tell my story in a light that can be understood and respected. I can’t possibly be the only person to ...
Bye Bye Instagram
It's only been five minutes that I put my phone down and stopped scrolling through Instagram. 30 seconds later...... Oh look, Alex posted a picture of him on vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Lucky...
Challa Fletcher2 months ago
8 Days Without Push Notifications; Here Is What Happened
I never thought about my smartphone app’s push notifications. Either all of my apps default to the push notifications or I am clicking buttons without reading options. That being said, push notificati...
Veronica Williams3 months ago
Tumblr's Trouble: An Opinion
By now, everyone has heard about Tumblr's decision to eliminate all things adult-oriented by the 17th. The website claims that non-erotic nude art is safe, but Instagram user (and painter) Dan Lacey (...
Liam Parker3 months ago
The Insta-Lie
While the title may sound as if I’m against Instagram, I’m really not. In fact, I absolutely love it, and it would be my favourite social media app if Twitter didn’t exist. Instagram is great. It embo...
David Neeble4 months ago
5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid
It is evident that most businesses are having success in online marketing through good SEO. Back then, advertisements and marketing strategies have been implemented with the use of billboards, newspap...
Lovelli Fuad4 months ago
12 Promising Social Media Platforms Fit for Creatives
If you still haven’t deleted your Facebook account yet, then you probably know that it’s kind of a big deal to be present on social media. Although sometimes social media can feel like antisocial, it ...
Jeff Nevil5 months ago
What Does the Future Hold for Digital Marketing in 2019 and Beyond?
The trajectory of marketing, as with the majority of industries, is intimately tied with new developments within the technological sphere. We have moved from radio and billboard promotion to social me...
Athena N. 5 months ago
The Anatomy of Social Media
This past week I found myself struggling for motivation. I was lacking productivity and therefore was stuck in this atrocious cycle of procrastination. School, work, and everything in between just kep...
Monica Bennett5 months ago
Reddit Explained
The death of StumbleUpon was a difficult dilemma for me. I received most of my reads from this site, so what to do, what to do? I turned to my nemesis, Reddit. I don't say this lightly - Reddit can be...
Gaby 6 months ago
Social Media Detox
This week I have removed all forms of social media from my phone; Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, and I wanted to voice my findings. I have recently returned from Australia and have found myself su...
Lindsay Johnson6 months ago
Loading... loading... loading... start. Eerie silence flushed through the Earth like a deadly parasite awaiting to attach to its host, to connect. Little did everyone know just how "connected" they tr...
Amelia Milton6 months ago
Is Social Media Disconnecting More Than It Is Connecting People?
Are we escaping the complexities of reality to enjoy a seemingly simpler ‘virtuality’?
Blake O'Connor7 months ago
11 Ways Facebook Will Change in the Near Future
Socio-political changes and demands from users is forcing Facebook's hand to make adjustments. Facebook has undergone massive changes to its product, company culture, and importance to modern society ...