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Mellie Millera day ago
The Digital Age
I know many of you have grown up in this digital age, where everything is available online, on your phone, or on your tablet. And I will admit, it can be extremely convenient when doing research, espe...
Will Read4 days ago
Smartphone: Can Excessive Use Lead to Depression and Exacerbated Sexuality ?
Is the smartphone a factor of depression? People who think their smartphone use has become "excessive" would be more vulnerable to depression and anxiety, but also more likely to multiply sexual partn...
amanda mollett25 days ago
Why Boost Mobile Stinks
Boost- My son and I currently have boost mobile and while there are a some things that I really like about them, I also really dislike them. When I first went to boost I came from Metro PCS and I was ...
Paisley Hansena month ago
How to Use Technology to Better Yourself
Technology is all around us. It's nearly impossible to live in today's world without coming in to contact with technology in some way. Whether it's using a smartphone to communicate with family and fr...
Natalie Ige3 months ago
Know About the Most Common Problems with iPhones!
Who would’ve thought that with the help of a tiny device you would be able to hear and see someone living on the other side of the world? A few centuries back, or even a few decades back, this whole i...
David Wyld3 months ago
The Smartphone Future
The growth of retail–of all forms–is quite literally in the hands of consumers.
Vincent Lago4 months ago
Top iPhone Tips You Haven’t Heard Of
In this article, you will find a list of top handy features present in your iPhone that you probably haven’t heard of.
Saksham Sharma4 months ago
Samsung Galaxy Event Highlights
In case you missed the Samsung UNPACKED event on February 20, 2019 here's a quick video highlighting the product release and bit of the specs. ------- Hey Guys! Saksham here and as this is my first ever post on Vocal, why not start it by introducing me. I am a cinematographer, photographer, Youtuber and an Apple/Google App Developer. I love tech and everything surrounding it, which was one of the main reasons I started my own Youtube channel—to reach a wider audience and educate them along with ...
Anne N4 months ago
Availability: The Art of Putting our Phones Away
You are sitting in the café with your friend, whom you have not seen for a while as your busy life schedules take its toll. You have been looking forward to catching up with each other, and you finall...
Jenn Melon5 months ago
5 New Emojis for People with Disabilities
Everyone knows how wildly popular Apple emojis are. Products such as pillows, clothing, and home decor are making millions of dollars selling items with Apple emojis projected on it. Not too long ago,...
Lindsay Bruce9 months ago
I Got Rid of My Smartphone...
Digitally distracted. Those were the words that made me take the plunge and swap out the extension of my body that was my iPhone for a less-abled, less sexy, less functional "dumbphone." As a parent, ...
Gabe Cavina9 months ago
Why I'm Getting an iPhone
I'm sure there's about a million articles on the endless battle between Android phones and iPhones. Especially with the brand new phones that came out recently. But before I go into it, here's a littl...
10 Important iPhone Fixes You Need to Know
If you didn't think about any of the things to consider before buying a smartphone, you may run into major problems down the line. Apple products are great, but just like any tech company, they are no...
Dorothy Massey10 months ago
Beware the Phone Sharks!
This week I decided to update my mobile phone. I never buy anything without doing my research first. I may be a silver surfer, but I'm certainly no techno-phobe and I wanted a smart phone which would ...
Marco Chavez10 months ago
Are You an iPhone or an Android Person?
There has always been a tough decision when it comes down to deciding which device you will dedicate your next two years to... iOS or Android OS? When Apple first came out with the iPhone is was in a ...
Abby Wa year ago
Thoughts of a Technologically Attached Student
In this day and age, everyone has some sort of mobile technology; whether it’s a phone, an iPod, e-reader, or laptop, most people have at least one. Adults aren’t always as technologically dependent a...
Eb !a year ago
2018 Without a Phone?! Do-Able or Disaster?
Wow! No "clickbait" here. Honestly, it's so sad to even think that one day this would be a "crisis." Like, yes, the title is true. I have been living without my phone for about a month & a half now. F...
Stephanie Engela year ago
The Advancements of Technology
Welcome to the 21st Century, where almost everybody owns or have owned at least one digital device, whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a desktop, an e-reader, a digital camera, a smart TV...