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How tos for tech whizes and luddites alike; tips, tricks and shortcuts to optimize your computer, smartphone or internet mastery.

Marie Nieves4 days ago
5 Ways to Improve Your Website Speed
Whether they’re searching for information or browsing products online, people want the website to load quickly. If that doesn’t happen, chances are they’ll leave and turn to another site. Whether you’...
Kevin 5 days ago
5 Ways to Help Your Applications Run Smoothly
One of the most interesting results of advanced technology in our times is the creation of applications. Also called apps, these are basically computer software or programs designed to run on differen...
Warren Brown7 days ago
The Cyber Success Power Generator Is You
Every individual who wants to be discovered needs to have their own website. It is now possible for a child to design and create a website. Website building has come a long way since I first started o...
Tigran 13 days ago
Tips to Market Your eCommerce Business Online
You want to get the word out about your eCommerce business. You want more visits to your online store. You understand the more eyeballs that hit your offerings, the higher the chances of making a sale...
Eada Hudes16 days ago
Planning a House Renovation? Do Consider These Electrical Upgrades
Home renovation is certainly an interesting task, provided you know what it is needed and how creatively it can be done. Electrical upgrades are one of the essential components of a renovation, and yo...
Laura Gieg18 days ago
Git Goin on Design!
Git? What’s that? Version control... well, that doesn’t mean much to me. Wait, I can backup my projects with it? Excellent! THAT makes it useful! And helps me work with other developers on a code proj...
Kevin 19 days ago
Top 5 Business Software Hacks
All businesses have plenty of activities that occur all the time. It can be very challenging, with juggling many tasks at once without allowing work to get chaotic. Business management software can he...
Kevin Gardner19 days ago
Terms in the Technology Industry That You Should Know
In the technology industry, there are a number of terms that are used to describe things that pertain to computer software, hardware, and general use. As a technology professional or entrepreneur, the...
Kevin Gardnera month ago
Getting the Most Out of What You Have on Hand with DIY
DIY has been a big trend for a while now. And there's a good reason why it's growing in popularity. The more people try their hand at it, the more skill they develop, and the more skill they develop, ...
Kevin 2 months ago
How to Best Utilize Your Tech Skills
A large majority of people that have skills in information technology are wondering how they can best utilize their skills. There are some people that are naturally gifted in technology. Others may ha...
Leah J.Thurber2 months ago
The Machine Learning Skills that Will Turn You into a Professional
It's hard to find a field more interesting to people nowadays than machine learning. You are probably interested in it too and, like most people, amazed at what it can do. However, there is a big diff...
How Smaller YouTube Channels Are Being Demonetized for "Reused Content"
Creators of YouTube took to Twitter last week en-mass to complain about a recent upsurge in the number of both verified, and non-verified channels that may have been unfairly demonetized in the last f...
Kevin 2 months ago
How to Measure The Amount of Energy You Use
Energy costs money. This is most evident when your electric bill comes in the mail each month. After recovering from the heart attack that your total bill costs, you may want to learn just how much en...
Raj Vardhman2 months ago
Make Your Site as Fast as Lambo
Website loading speed is the most important determiner for online success. Indeed, proper marketing, and solid content development strategy are crucial too, but if your website is slow to load, no amo...
Kevin 2 months ago
7 Tips for Getting Better at Programming
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, there is always room for learning and getting better. By becoming a better programmer, you will be able to implement cutting edge ideas and mak...
A R T O2 months ago
The Ultimate Guide to Multilingual Website SEO
As a responsible website owner or manager, you likely pay a lot of attention to SEO. But what if I told you you’re missing out on thousands of potential users who don’t speak your website’s language? ...
Kevin 2 months ago
How to Better Protect Your Technology
Of course, the most exciting moment of the year is the holiday season, and it is time people receive new gadgets as gifts from friends and relatives. Fr anyone expecting to receive wearable tech, smar...
Ultimate Guide to Better Your Chances of Getting Re-Monetized on YouTube
Whatever your channel has been de-monetized for, you have the chance to get back in, as your channel is not banned, and you still get to keep the subscribers you have! Trust me they will thank you for...