The history of technology and technology throughout history; human innovation from the first stone tool to the iPhone and beyond.

Carol Jax2 months ago
Did the Car Change the Driver?
Remember when, with the arrival of computers, there were alt fan groups like chat rooms, where we could discuss, anything. I belonged to a Keanu Reeves fan group. I had never posted my feelings, thoug...
Chloe Gilholy2 months ago
Ciao Ending Payments for Reviews
It's been something that many of us have seen coming for a long time, but social comparison/product review site Ciao has announced that they will stop paying writers for their reviews and rates. The future of the site always seemed bleak since the announcement of sister site Dooyoo announcing that they will cease to pay for reviews in 2015. Yesterday I wrote my 300th and final review for ciao.co.uk. It is an end of the era indeed, but I will never forget the friends and memories that I have made...
Jake Frommer6 months ago
Must Watch Internet Culture Documentaries
The technological age has given way to massive paradigm shifts in our daily lives. A new era of communication, sharing, and anonymity is upon us. As everyone finds their niche internet culture, it bec...
Chelsea Pullano6 months ago
Worst Tech Flops of All Time
The tech industry is one of the most profitable business sectors in history. Great inventions help both individuals and corporations become more productive, stay in touch with friends, and even take t...
Natasha Sydor6 months ago
Ada Lovelace, The First Computer Programmer
When do you think the first computer came around? Thinking the 80s? 60s? 40s? What if I told you that a computer had been designed back in 1837, and that the first person who programmed for this devic...