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Rowan Marley2 years ago
Advantages of a Smart Home
Smart homes. Even the name sounds like something that you'd expect a pretentious technology hoarder to boast about. To a point, having a smart home is something that's seen as excessive or overly expe...
Denzil Mc2 years ago
Health and Fitness Wearable
Introducing the HELO LX. This is the newest health wearable technology to hit the market. So far has been featured on Fox News, CBS and The Today Show. HELO LX is the most advanced health and fitness wearable on the planet. The HELO LX health and fitness wearable is the brand new wellness band of WOR(l)D, designed to fit your style and your wellness. This is the wellness band reinvented. Paired with Toshiba's micro chip technology, the firmware in the HELO LX can be updated with the latest apps....
Patricia Sarkar2 years ago
How To Make Your Home a Smart Home
If you've ever watched any sci-fi movie ever, you've probably seen the futuristic vision of a smart home. There's something incredibly cool about being able to talk to your home, have your home respon...
AI Devices for Your Smart Home
Back in the 1960s, many "house of the future" attractions in parks and fairs promised people that they would be able to order pizza by just talking to their house. It seemed so foreign, most people ju...
Corey Gittleman2 years ago
Smart Devices to Improve Your Home
We all know about smart phones, computers, tablets, and watches, but there are hundreds of products out there that can further our adaption into this technology driven era. In fact, you can take almost any household item and find a smart device alternate. These products will help you get through your average day from the moment you wake up until you call it a night. Certain products will even continue helping you and your home as you are sound asleep. Whether it is simple tasks that you do not w...
Milly Bannister2 years ago
Is Smart Tech Making Us Dumb?
We have come a long way since the 70s, when a personal pocket wizard with broad abilities was, no, not an iPhone 7 in rose gold, just a calculator. But are we smarter now that technology has armed us ...
Gina Callaway2 years ago
Kindle's Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Amazon's Covert Secret alternative to Audio Books
Rudi Jetten2 years ago
DJI Has a Winner with the SPARK
Never been a fan of DJI, and everyone has seen those videos on YouTube of DJI's Inspire/Phantom crashes and flyaways. But let's be honest, it happens to all of the other brands too. So how did it chan...
Richard Owens2 years ago
Tech Accessories That Every Nomad Needs To Have
Digital nomads are people who travel the world, working remotely from computers. They may be Facebook marketers, digital entrepreneurs, or just computer programmers who want to travel the world. It's ...
Wearable Technology: The Good, The Bad, The (Literally) Ugly
If you look at almost any sci-fi film, you'll see instances in which people use wearable technology to do incredible things. Cyberpunk novels of the 80s and 90s lined the shelves, telling stories of p...