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Isla Wright8 days ago
Pros & Cons of Refurbished Phones
When it comes to smartphones today, one thing is certain—we are spoiled for choice, but the prices have skyrocketed as well. Whereas you were able to purchase a flagship phone for around $700 in 2014,...
Kevin 14 days ago
Staying up to Date with the Newest Gadgets
Keeping Technology Top of Mind
Tom Sharp16 days ago
Gadgets You Need to Have
In an increasingly technological world, it can feel like you’re constantly falling behind in the tech race. You could choose to be ahead of the curve to compensate, but that could lead you down the ro...
Softwares That Are Changing Online Shopping
Online shopping is a big convenience for people, and it has hit the industry by storm. It is becoming more popular than shopping in stores, because people can shop without leaving the comfort of their...
Miranieva Buen21 days ago
Factors that Affect Sleep that Zucklight May Solve
An invention that may lead a revolution
Tom Sharp23 days ago
Getting the Most Out Your Battery
So you’ve bought an iPhone, which means you’re now in the club—congratulations. However, for all the good things that Apple devices do, battery power isn’t something iPhones are great for. In fact, th...
Miranieva Buen23 days ago
A wooden box. Seeing this on Kickstarter rendered me speechless. I was simply stupefied at the sight of this box. The amount of its funding going past $200,000 was simply insane to me. Is this how peo...
Kevin a month ago
A Brief Overview of Software Architecture
Most people do not understand software architecture. Quite a bit, the reason for this is because there are so many different areas of knowledge that need to be brought into getting the software ready....
Neal Litherlanda month ago
The Supercomplication
When pocket watches were first invented in the 16th century, they were products strictly for the wealthy and privileged. The first truly mobile, mechanical means of telling time, initial watches were ...
Kevin a month ago
Hearing Loss Can Be Helped by Technology
Life for those who are suffering from hearing loss is really tough, but there are many technologies that can be used to help them live a normal life. There are many hearing aids available of various t...
Tobias Gillota month ago
3 Factors that Influence a Video Surveillance System
Video surveillance systems are an important investment that enterprises need to make in order to remain ahead of the competition. On the whole, customers are typically more comfortable working with or...
Ross Gellera month ago
5 Innovations in Garage Door-Opener Technology
Nowadays, the markets are flooded with home automation innovations. Home automation is the next big thing we are looking into that will utilize technology to make life easier, simpler, faster, safer, ...
Kevin 2 months ago
Tech that Will Help with Everyday Life
There is no doubt that technology has taken off and we have all benefited from it. That being said, technology has shaped a new way we communicate and interact with one another. It's not like the old ...
Tobias Gillot2 months ago
Tips for Recovering Photos from a Broken iPhone
Your photos carry the amazing ability to transport you to a different place and time. They are portals to the most treasured moments of your life, and a way to look back fondly and remember. These day...
Martin Bagel-Brown2 months ago
Let's Go Fly a Drone!
More and more Australians are becoming a part of the global drone industry than ever before. It has been taking significant leaps forward and is likely to continue to do so in the future. One of the r...
Kevin 2 months ago
Software Upgrades You Need Today
Software upgrades are not optional in many cases. Computers are similar to other machines in that they need a regular update or two. They will not function as they should if the updates do not happen....
Solange Moore2 months ago
Roomba Review: Roombas in Comparison with Usual Vacuums
iRobot is a company which specializes in military robots and general robotic experimentation. They introduced a product called Roomba in 2002. The automatic vacuum cleaner was able to make its way aro...
Aaron Dennis2 months ago
Blue Light Is Bad at Midnight
We’ve all been there. It was a long day at work. The kids wouldn’t be quiet. The ole’ spouse was as bad as the four year old. We’re tired, so we turn on the television and just try to relax, but then ...