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mytechstory 7 hours ago
OTG USB Flash Drive
Advantages of the OTG USB Flash Drive
macy helly8 days ago
How to Choose a Flash Drive: Memory Size, Interface, and Design
What do we know about flash drives? There isn't a person who does not know what a flash drive is. It is difficult to imagine how people managed to live without it before. Disks are forgotten. Most peo...
10 Apple Watch Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed
Approximately 23 Apple watches are sold every minute. This means that if there's an accessory you need or want for this device, chances are someone's thought of it. While there are a wide array of App...
Ryan Whitaker25 days ago
12 Best Gadgets for Cleaning Your Home
I'll be the first to admit it, I'm kind of OCD about a clean room. There are plenty of you who know exactly what I'm saying when I tell you that I find something so satisfying about everything being c...
alex angea month ago
How to Choose a Power Bank?
Remember what features of your future smartphone you paid attention to before buying it: type of operating system, screen resolution, camera. A whole list and not the last place of which was occupied ...
Melody Rodriguez2 months ago
Why I Choose Apple Over Android
Apple and Android. Two huge companies with two well known brands. When looking for a phone, tablet or smartwatch you are faced with the Apple vs. Android debacle. From the beginning of the original iP...
Jamie Gillam2 months ago
Apple Watch Series 4: The Ultimate Smart Wearable and Health Tracker
Almost 4 years ago Apple released the Apple Watch into the world, promising a plethora of features and plenty of app support from developers. I pre-ordered the Watch on day one excited to experience t...
The Picture
When I was just starting out, I worked with so many different computers and phones. I wanted to stay in touch, work, and I wanted to be fast! What you are looking at is my Sony collection that I work ...
Katherine Rod2 months ago
"The iPhone 3G was the second generation of Apple."
Jaden Bleu2 months ago
'Shark Tank' Story
In a world full of technological advances, there seem to be more and more ways to stay connected with one another. People’s usage of social media sites, texting, and mobile applications have increased...
SKYLERIZED 2 months ago
Reason First: Valuable Apple
How did Apple get to a trillion dollar market capitalization? How did so many lives change by being able to experience the products pushed out by Apple? The answers are clear. Apple creates top-notch ...
Ryan Whitaker3 months ago
10 Best Google Home Commands That You Probably Didn't Know
If you've used been alive since 1998, had an inkling of a curiosity about any topic imaginable, or simply ever used the internet, you've probably heard of a little thing called Google. Well, Google ha...
Riley Raul Reese3 months ago
10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone
Speaking as someone who's slightly tech-averse, buying a smartphone can be a pretty intimidating experience. There are a lot of different phones being sold in stores, each with their own perks and pit...
AdreAnna Sommer4 months ago
Home Essentials
These items listed below are what I recommend having in your new home or maybe your current home! I love the items listed and would not hesitate to buy again. The links provided are affiliate links, b...
Trevor Day4 months ago
"So How Does That Work, Then?"
When people ask what I do and I reply with “I do graphic design using 3D printers,” the usual reaction of people is for their eyes to glaze over and then they say one (or both) of two things: “Ohh, so...
Skunk Uzeki5 months ago
Best Soundbars Under $300 You Can Buy in 2018
It's common knowledge that there are certain tech items that require you to pay for quality. Audiophiles can tell you that there's a huge difference between expensive sound systems and cheap ones. So,...
Trevor Day5 months ago
3D Printing - Introducing Itself!
Hi, I’m Trevor. I’m a freelance designer, running a small graphic-design business in the green and sunny (sort of) south-east of England, and for a couple of years now I’ve been working in the field of 3D design and 3D printing. When I last had a meeting with my business advisor, about how I could grow my business and find more customers, she thought for a moment and then said, “We’ve got several clients who are in creative fields, but I reckon you’ve got the toughest job of all of them.” “Why’s...