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Flora Mayer10 hours ago
How Are 3D Printed Houses Shaping the Real Estate Industry
The real estate industry has seen many transformations in the recent past, the most recent being the emergence of 3D printed houses. Indeed, the words of former US President Barack Obama, that 3D tech...
Kevin 7 days ago
The Evolution and Growth of Technology
A person transported from the year 1990 to today would likely find our world bizarre, and hard to reconcile. Technological developments over the past few decades have transformed the way we do busines...
Brooke Collits18 days ago
Futuristic Technologies That You Might Live to See
Knowing how mankind is striving to make the most out of the given resources, we are sure that futuristic technologies are bound to come. Here, GS Diamonds mentions some of the futuristic technologies ...
Mark Jordi19 days ago
ASEAN Region Eager to Capture Sizable Proportion of AI Development
With the increasing dominance of AI in every sphere, countries are making great strides in developing technology associated with Artificial Intelligence. With the United States currently having the fi...
Flora Mayera month ago
IoT: How Is It Revolutionizing Our Homes?
We all have a unique attachment to our homes, but the internet of things (IoT) is just about to strengthen this attachment. Tech futurists argue that in the next couple of years, most homes in the dev...
Liam Smitha month ago
How E-Commerce is Changing Warehouse Operations
As times change, so do the operations of many industries. In the same way, e-commerce is changing the way warehouses operate. With the innovation of e-commerce, the demand is suddenly much higher than...
Anna Kucirkova2 months ago
Using New Technology to Prevent Tsunamis
Tsunamis always leave devastating effects on people as well as the environment. The loss it causes is immeasurable and recovery process sometimes proves to be extremely painful. Since tsunamis can be ...
Flora Mayer2 months ago
East Asia: A Target Destination for Digital Solutions
There is no denying that Asia is home to most of the world’s richest tech companies, and that has made the continent a darling for tech investors and consumers. About two years ago, the continent expe...
Tobias Gillot2 months ago
The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the Medical Field
Artificial intelligence, or the mimicking of human cognitive functions using computer technology, is shifting the way certain industries function and reshaping the future. In medicine, the paradigm sh...
Stephen Benoit2 months ago
Digital Life in the 5G Era
OASIS (that's an acronym standing for Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation), the virtual reality social network slash MMO in the Spielberg movie Ready Player One that linked all ...
Liva Puce2 months ago
Why Does Online Video Excite Me?
I was born in 1984 in a country occupied by Soviet Union. The only type of video that we knew back then was whatever came out of our tiny black and white television set. This little screen was our win...
Mia Morales3 months ago
4 Tech Innovations That Have Changed Industries
The world that we are currently living in is changing at a rapid pace, and a lot of this change is being brought about by innovations in the tech industry. Newer innovations are coming to life on a re...
David Wyld3 months ago
What Is "Fake News" in the Age of AI?
With all the talk about "fake news" these days, and all the concern over where and how people around the world are getting their news and information, one would think: Surely, this won't get any worse...
Tobias Gillot3 months ago
What Is the Fastest Internet in Canada?
When you are searching for the fastest internet in Canada, you first need to understand the current state of Canada’s internet and the unique challenges it faces, followed by some promising solutions ...
Tobias Gillot3 months ago
Will Court Reporting Be Replaced by Technology?
With the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence, and faster and smarter computers, it’s understandable to be worried about your job security. Particularly for jobs that require the ability to liste...
Daisy Rowley5 months ago
3 Technologies that Will (Maybe) Play Crucial Roles in Humanity's Future
Think about it: for millions of years, humanity's existence was filled with struggles: for survival, for social change, for dominance, and also for science. However, never before has science and techn...
Jackie Barrows5 months ago
What You Need to Know About the Internet of Things (IoT)
The Internet of Things (otherwise known as IoT) is on the rise with the development of 5G networks spanning the globe. In case you were wondering, IoT is basically the linking up of all devices in the...
Andrea Dawson6 months ago
How Artificial Intelligence Leads to Smarter Diamond Grading
We're in an age where artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping how many industries conduct their business. This technology is now poised to disrupt the diamond grading process, which...