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Ozobot Makes Learning to Code Fun for Kids

Coding doesn't have to be the boring endeavor it once was. Ozobot came in to save the day.

If you have been looking at recent studies, it's becoming clear that the job market is undergoing a very extreme change. Many of the jobs that currently exist will no longer be around in about 10 years, and even more will be gone in 20.

Jobs along the lines of customer service, delivery, driving, and even artwork are going to be going away. It's a side effect of a world that's increasingly automated, and there's nothing that can be done to reverse things.

One of the very few jobs that will likely remain untouched by automation is computer programming—also known casually as coding. Indeed, most STEM jobs are expected to keep their high salaries and remain relatively stable in the job market.

For parents who want to have successful kids, the writing on the wall is clear. You need to get kids interesting in coding. That's why educators banded together to create Ozobot, one of the newest tools to teach kids how to code.

Ozobot is a company that produces robots designed to get kids coding faster than ever.

Anyone who has ever worked with kids will agree that the easiest way to get kids interested in something is to present them with a toy that makes it fun. That's the entire premise between Ozobot's two robot toys, Bit and Evo.

Bit, their original pocket-sized robot, is known for bringing online coding to kids as young as six. Their newer offering, Evo, takes things to a more mature level and adds app connectivity to the mix for coding lessons that are easier than ever.

Both Evo and Bit are designed to be flexible when it comes to playtime.

At its most basic level, coding is a way to use mathematical thinking to create something new. It's using a specialized language that tells computers what they should do, and how they should do it.

Computer languages are flexible. If they weren't, we wouldn't have half the apps and products we currently love and rely on. So, it only makes sense to create toys that reflect that same versatility.

That's why Ozobot designed its robots to be used in a wide range of different ways. They want to convey how infinite coding is, and how wild the possibilities can become.

Ozobots are designed to teach kids coding concepts in a way they'll understand.

Both Evo and Bit offer up two different ways to enjoy programming: online and screen-free. OzoBlockly is the version that's meant for slightly older children, and it's a seamless transition into the world of coding.

Online coders get to use OzoBlockly to control their robots. This online method involves dragging and dropping blocks of code into their rightful places. Once kids place the code where they want it to go, they can run the program.

OzoBlockly is based off real coding languages like Javascript, which means that kids get used to the format of programming languages just by playing with their toys.

Most children will start their Ozobot journey using its screen-free mode.

If you're new to coding, or just a bit too young to handle seeing Javascript-like blocks of text on your screen, don't worry. Ozobots still can be programmable, thanks to screen-free mode.

Screen-free mode gives users the ability to program robots using colored lines. The Ozobots will scan the lines and act upon what those lines tell it to do. This makes Ozobot robots the only robots that can be programmed without even involving an ability to read.

Play your way, and program every little aspect of your bot.

Tinkering away and making your robot do what you want it to is incredibly fun, and just about every kid will find their own unique way to play. That's the beauty of engineering!

Ozobots all come with optical sensors, LED lights, and a motor that lets the bots travel along with you. If you get the EVO, you also get to enjoy proximity sensors, an app, and a speaker to tinker with, too.

Kids who love STEM will already enjoy OzoBlocks, as well as the thrill of working with their own robots. Those who want to blend art with STEM will enjoy screen-free coding and making the robot's LED lights blink.

The primary Ozobot apps are pretty neat, too.

Both Ozobot Bit and Ozobot Evo have their own unique apps that allow you to get creative with your robotics. The apps teach your little learners how to code using the robot, offer up fun games, give kids a chance to race their bots, and even hand them a community of fellow coders.

In a world where apps are often where kids go to have fun, the Ozobot apps are a must-see. They are easy to navigate, easier to use, and safe for younger kids.

The Ozogroove app is another favorite pastime app for coders.

Were you a fan of doing "the Robot" as a kid? Well, now you can get your robots to do that sick dance move—along with many, many more. You can thank the Ozogroove app for that.

This app comes in both Evo and Bit versions, so every Ozobot can dance to your hearts' content. Over 500 different moves are included in the app, and users are the ones who get to choreograph it all.

Ozogroove lets you teach your robot how to dance, twirl, and even compete against other Ozobots. Does your coding skill have what it takes to win?

You don't even need a smartphone to play Ozobot games.

Did your phone break? Not a problem, even if you have been hoping to play games with your little robot buddy. The Ozobot website has a slew of printable games that you can enjoy, plus some neat brain teasers that teach you basic coding concepts.

Ozobot is the perfect gift for students—as well as your own kids.

Nothing quite helps children get ahead like showing them the perks of a good education. By using Ozobot to pique their interest in STEM, you're creating a foundation that will help them become more well-equipped for the modern world, and possibly even get them into a new career track. 

Life is complex, but learning how to code doesn't have to be. You can thank Ozobot for that.

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Ozobot Makes Learning to Code Fun for Kids
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