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Lenses For Your Smartphone

Aukey and Lenzii lenses are companions for your smartphone

Aukey Optical Lenses (Photo Credit: Yvette Cordova)

With technology advancing and the 21st Century being known as the Social Media Era, it’s no surprise that smartphones are being equipped with cameras that take phenomenal photos. But is using just the phone’s camera enough? Maybe…depending on what type of smartphone you have. This is why I’m glad that companies like Olloclip, Lenzii, and Aukey have developed and came out with a smartphone’s best companion—portable lenses.

The Olloclip and Aukey optical lenses are a great choice, and although they’re more for iPhones, the Aukey lenses can easily clip on any phone, though you may have to adjust the lens a bit so that it can properly fit. The Lenzii lenses are universal for all smartphones and will also fit tablets and laptops—this is a great feature and benefit.

Because I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone (which already has a great camera), I tested out the Lenzii lenses and the Aukey lenses. Both can easily clip on to your smartphone and will fit over most phone cases (depending on thickness).

Clip on lenses for your smartphone

The Aukey Wide/Macro lens and the Telephoto lens, and the Lenzii 3-in-1 lens combo (Photo Credit Yvette Cordova)

How they compare:

  • Both can easily attach via the clip housing
  • Both lenses need to twist on and off the housing when interchanging lenses
  • Both lenses are universal for most smartphones

How they differ:

  • Lenzii lenses only come in a 3-in-1 combo— Fish eye, Wide Angle, and 10 x Macro lens
  • You can order Aukey lenses through Amazon
  • Aukey lenses come in a variety of different options of lenses for your every need

Whichever lenses you decide to go with, these will definitely upgrade your smartphone camera for better pictures that will look great on all your social media accounts.

Here are some of the lenses that you can purchase from Aukey and/or come equipped with the Lenzii lenses:

The Macro Lens (Aukey / Lenzii)

I like using Macro lenses because they give you an up-close and very detailed look that almost makes it look like you’re viewing through a microscope. What our naked eye can’t see, the Macro lens will, and gives you that extra third eye option. The Lenzii Macro lens gives a 10 x optical view, while the Aukey lens gives you a 15 x view. This is a great lens to take photos of small bugs and will pick up a grain of salt when zoomed in.

The Wide Angle Lens (Aukey / Lenzii)

The Wide Angle lens allows you to take broader pictures, which is great for taking photos in a group atmosphere and including a group of people without having to cut anyone off. The pictures taken with the wide angle lens will show and give you a bigger background. The wide angle lens is also perfect for landscapes and for photos being taken from above or aerial shoots

The Fish Eye Lens (Aukey / Lenzii)

The Fish Eye lens continues to be a popular one for those who love to take selfies. It almost seems to give photographs a circular / spherical shape and gives your photographs a fun touch.

Telephoto Lens (Aukey)

The Optical Telephoto lens is my favorite. A portable lens that you can clip on your smartphone to capture shots that give 3 x zoom to your object or person is ideal—but where this lens beats out the rest is that you can zoom in with the lens attached to your phone and get even closer shots! This is a great lens to have at any sporting event or concert, and you don’t need to worry about having to sneak up on your furry family members when trying to capture them.

The Aukey and Lenzii lenses both come in a protective case complete with a cleaning cloth and carabiner clip

(Photo Credit: Yvette Cordova)

Check out my blog to see photos taken with the Aukey lenses

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Lenses For Your Smartphone
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