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Learn How to Steal Facebook Password and How to Protect Your Account

Facebook Penetration and Protection

Facebook is one of the most important social networking sites, allowing millions of subscribers to communicate fully with users on the Internet. There is no requirement to become a subscriber. Facebook is able to communicate with others and allow the subscriber to view the data of the other subscriber. According to the confidentiality and privacy adopted by this participant, in this context, Facebook was considered at the end of 2012 as the most important social networking sites, where the number of users are about one billion people on the surface of the earth – separated by borders and regions, and the different environments. I did not exaggerate when I say that Facebook infected people with delirium, it did not target a certain age group, but was able to invade various intellectual patterns, and can be used for various purposes, including chat with Friends, and the possibility of communicating by voice, image, spread of risk, the pursuit for friends, and the formation of different relationships. It is a means of social cohesion at the level of the world as a whole.

And like anything personal and dear to the owner, the Facebook account should be the monopoly of the owner, and we have some secrets and belongings in this account, and no one likes to be watched for one of his secrets and be seen without permission. The user can save the password with multiple images, first he must not open his account on any device, because there are some devices that would use programs to steal Facebook accounts, and the dissemination of the contents of the pictures and personal data related to the owner, and the most important ways to penetrate Facebook.

First, the Facebook account can be stolen by accessing the person's email address. This allows the user to access the data and work hard to steal the data completely, and the user who stole the email can renew the password so that it is difficult for the original owner to have access to it, as well as changing the personal protection settings, and the privacy settings that were followed in the past.

Second, keep away from the random e-mails that appear in the genk mile, these emails often aim to steal the password and account in full, and work to distort the original owner, and blackmail through the publication of belongings and other things different.

Facebook Penetration

Many Facebook accounts are hacked, with lots of hacked links and gaps exploited by people to steal accounts. Although Facebook is keen to continue hacking and fixing gaps, it still exists after each site update, so it is important to protect and secure the account against such illegal practices.

Ways To Protect Facebook Against Hacking

Enable login notifications:

It means that Facebook sends a message to your e-mail or mobile phone if you are logged in to your account from a new device, and to activate this feature follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Choose Security Settings.
  • Choose Login Notifications.
  • Tick the email option, mobile phone option, or both to ensure notifications arrive.
  • Click Save Changes and a page will appear asking you to type your password to confirm that your changes have been saved.
  • Type your password and press Submit.
  • Use the phone number to secure the account:

Adding a phone number protects your account, which is one of the tools available to recover your account if it is compromised. It is also difficult to penetrate the account because you are the only person who has the security code associated with your phone number sent by text message.

  • Go to Account Settings and choose Mobile:
  • Click Add phone number, and you'll see a window asking you to type your account password.
  • Type your password, press Submit, and you'll see a new window to enter your phone number.
  • Choose your country from the list of countries, select your network type, type your phone number, press Next, and you will only have a number to send to.
  • Wait for a message to reach your phone with the security code, type it in the space assigned to it, press Next, and you have secured your account by phone number.

Additional Tips

Do not send friendship requests to people you do not know and do not accept requests from strangers.

Change your password every month to ensure that your account is protected.

Clear all Facebook apps, most of which are insecure and make it easier to hack your account.

Do not click suspicious links, and make sure the links are correct before entering any information about your account.

Access your account via your mobile phone and computer, so do not open your account on family, friends, or computers in public centers.

In conclusion, your personal Facebook account and your personal settings must be changed constantly to ensure that you keep them stored for you only, and this is the current Facebook policy among users.

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Learn How to Steal Facebook Password and How to Protect Your Account
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