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Andrej Kovacevic12 hours ago
The Old-School Tech that Could Enable Fiber Optic Broadband Expansion
All around the world, private industry and government agencies are racing to expand the availability of high-speed internet access to as many communities as possible. They're doing it because they've ...
Doro Writesa day ago
Beware the Phone Sharks!
This week I decided to update my mobile phone. I never buy anything without doing my research first. I may be a silver surfer, but I'm certainly no techno-phobe and I wanted a smart phone which would ...
Jaden Bleua day ago
Face to Face Economy
How has Facebook shaped the economy as we know it?
Katherine Rod2 days ago
"The iPhone 3G was the second generation of Apple."
Jaden Bleu2 days ago
'Shark Tank' Story
In a world full of technological advances, there seem to be more and more ways to stay connected with one another. People’s usage of social media sites, texting, and mobile applications have increased...
English Essay - Media
Living in the 21st century means living in an age built on technology and on the internet. Teenagers today are deeply absorbed into their phones and most of their time is spent on social media like Fa...
Tony Martello3 days ago
Psylicon Cafe
“Hello, we would like a table for two.” “Hmm, did you reserve a spot on OpenTable? “Um, no what is that?” “Oh, my God, where have you been? It’s only the most popular dining reservation app out there ...
English Essay - Technology
Teenagers, adults and even children today, living in the 21st century enjoy a variety of privileges that allows us to develop, progress and even gain skills and knowledge more efficiently and easily t...
Marco Chavez6 days ago
Are You an iPhone or an Android Person?
There has always been a tough decision when it comes down to deciding which device you will dedicate your next two years to... iOS or Android OS? When Apple first came out with the iPhone is was in a ...