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Know Your Osmo Before Buying!

A drone that might be used for filming might not serve the purpose in agricultural fields. Each of them is different from the others. So before you buy a drone, you need to be clear on the purpose of purchasing it.

As we know, human minds are highly experimental and are always looking for new ventures and new possibilities. Making the use of technology and science, humans have created wonders over the years. Drones, also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), were one of the various wonderful innovations. With the innovation of an object comes its usage. One ponders in which field will the object come handy. Initially, drone’s usage was just restricted to the military. As the drones can be flown high to capture what is going on beneath, the army made the most of it to gather information.

However, with the advent of time, the usage of drones has spread into various other fields. They are now being efficiently used in the film industry, by insurance companies, construction, and also in agriculture. Due to their versatility, drones have become extremely popular. So if you want to get one for yourself, you can look for drones for sale in Australia. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions in Australia is one of the leading drones and DJI distributors. They believe in providing nothing but high quality products and best service for their customers.

Various Features of DJI Osmo

Each of the drones has stand-out features and unique selling points. A drone that might be used for filming might not serve the purpose in agricultural fields. Each of them is different from the others. So before you buy a drone, you need to be clear on the purpose of purchasing it. DJI Osmo, Mavic, Inspire, and Matrice are a few commonly purchased drones.

Here are the few features of DJI Osmo:

  • Resolution: The DJI Osmo has great resolution. The two main things are, however, that it can shoot stabilized 4K Ultra HD up to about 30 fps. Also, it can shoot 1080p up to about 120 fps. This enables it to capture mesmerizing footage in slow motion. The DJI Osmo is extremely versatile and the main reason for that is its capability to shoot DCI 4K at up to 24fps and also the 2.7K. The still pictures are of 12 megapixels. It also comes with the 9 frame panoramic ability and an option of time lapse. 3.5x optical zoom in the 4K is about 7x optical zoom in the 1080p. Also, for controlling and adjusting the zoom, there is no need for disturbing the camera as it can be easily done from your phone itself. Long exposure shots can also be taken with the help of stabilization.
  • Battery and weight: DJI Osmo drones have a pretty impressive battery life compared to the other drones. Once charged, it will shoot for a significant amount of time before dying out. It can be also seen that your phone battery might start complaining but no such issue will be there from the DJI side. As far as the weight is concerned, DJI Osmo is extremely lightweight. It makes them portable and you can easily carry them around wherever you go.
  • Files: The files are about 4 times larger than what you might usually get from a video of 1080p. Its bandwidth stream is fairly low and it has a relatively small sensor. This relatively small size of the sensor can capture a lot of depth of the fields and also does decent imaging. Even though DJI Osmo might not be the best thing for shooting a masterpiece movie, it is the perfect thing for vlogging. So, if you are a vlogger, you should definitely go for DJI Osmo without a second thought.

These are the few basic features of DJI Osmo. If you want something easy to carry yet captures pretty amazing images, this is the one you should go for.

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Know Your Osmo Before Buying!
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