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Keywords and SEO

How It Works

Keywords are of great importance to the longevity of any content strategy; the point is to be found, isn't it? You want people to look up your blog or website, have their questions answered, and see you as a go-to person for whatever they need. Therefore, using the right sort of keywords is crucial to the growth of your business.

Now, I get it; you stare at a blank screen wondering what sort of words you can put in as keywords that will make you searchable on the internet. It's intimidating to say the least, and quite tempting to put random words in to see if it helps at all.

However, there are ways around this issue that will have you generating great keywords that will up your searches and help your audience find you long after you post to social media!

The first thing to do is to create content that your audience wants to read. This can be fun and nerdy, DIY, diet and fitness related, fashion related... this is all up to you. So, write that awesome piece, post those beautiful photos, draw and paint that series you always wanted to get out of your mind and on to paper! This can be anything you want, so get cracking and pour your heart and soul into it!

The next thing is to come up with a good, sound title for your piece. Studies have shown that titles with 16-18 words get a good click rate. However, shorter titles (10-12 words) also are winners in the eyes of readers. This is the part where you get to either be ironic in your title, or straight forward. This, of course, also depends on your style of writing. You can use humour (a good pun usually draws a decent crowd), drama (fair warning: this is more click-bait than anything), or passion (better than drama; this indicates that you are serious about the topic you are discussing and that your topic is genuine). The title you choose also will help provide you with a few of your keywords; you can even use the title itself as your keyword or phrase!

Then comes the more difficult part; the keywords themselves. This does not have to be hard. I will give an example; say you have an article about the blockbuster movies that are coming out this summer that's entitled, "10 Things I Have Noticed About This Summer's Blockbusters," or something like that. What would you say are some good keywords for this article? Here's a brief list of a few good keywords and phrases to inspire you:



Blockbuster Hits

Summer Movies

Old classics back in select theaters




Justice League

Civil War

Independence Day: Resurgence

You get the idea? Finding good keywords and phrases is as simple as writing down a list of words that are related to the topic! These can be one word or multiple words. Just keep in mind the topic you have written about, and write the list from there! If it helps, write down your list on a piece of paper first and discuss with someone whether or not these keywords are helpful. The more specific you get with your keywords, the greater the chances you have of being found by your audience.

There you have it! Finding the best keywords is a simple process that can greatly boost your numbers and your chances having your work be found continually long after you first post to social media! Great content, strong titles, and sound keywords when used correctly will all work in your favor to build your audience for years to come. 

If you found this post informative, please like and share on social media. Also, please check out my other articles on Vocal, and if you feel so inclined, please also donate by tipping my work. Thank you!