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Keep Your Floors Clean and Tidy with ILIFE Robot Vacuum

Tired of having to clean up when you get home? The ILIFE Robot Vacuum can help you out.

It's a scenario we have all experienced at least once in life. You cleaned up all the clutter in the morning. You worked hard all day. You endured the chaos of a wild commute. At this point, you really just want to go home, rest your head, and sleep.

But, when you come home, you notice it. Your home's floor is covered in stuff—dust, hair, leaves, and maybe a little pet fur from Fido. It's a letdown, especially when all you wanted was to come home to a clean house.

The worst part about dealing with this is that you now know you need to vacuum up all that schmutz. No one likes vacuuming, but everyone has to do it once in a while.

ILIFE has created a robot that will help you avoid this chore and make the most of your time at home. Once you learn about the ILIFE Robot Vacuum, you'll understand why it's a busy homeowner's best friend.

No home is truly clean without having a spotless floor.

You can dust off the shelves, wipe off your TV screen, and even give your bathtub a thorough cleaning. You can declutter your home and put decoration in storage.

All of that is good and well, but the truth is that it won't make your home truly clean. If you don't vacuum or wipe down your floors, your home will still look grimy. Besides, stepping on floors only to have grit stick to your feet is never pleasant.

Vacuuming takes time and can often be difficult to maintain.

If there's one chore most people can't stand doing on a regular basis, it's vacuuming. It takes a long time, involves lugging a large cleaner around a room while hoping an extension cord doesn't knock over anything, and is just a hassle in every sense imaginable.

That's what made ILIFE create a series of floor-cleaning robots that can be programmed to maintain tidy floors at your command.

The ILIFE Robot Vacuum is a nice little home assistant you never have to pay.

Back before technology became as advanced as it is now, you would have to pay a cleaning service to come to your home and clean up the floors for you. The new Robotic Vacuum from ILIFE does it for you, no hourly wage required.

This little bot gives you a great way to have your home spotless with little to no work on your end. You can program it to do a daily sweep, and even program it to charge itself. All you have to do is empty its collection tray.

It navigates your floor effortlessly.

A common joke about floor cleaning robots it their tendency to bump into things, fall down stairs, or otherwise cause chaos with their bad navigation. 

ILIFE's robots are different. Each robot comes with special navigation software that helps them avoid bumps and other major messes. Smart sensors that are equipped in this bot will help avoid bumps and avoid danger spots.

The vacuum bots do the job well, even when it's not on a carpet.

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, which is why having a simple vacuum robot doesn't always pass the test. These robots work well with wood floors, kitchen tile, and your typical low-pile carpets.

Much of this is due to their ultra powerful motors and suction ability. It can also be blamed on the bots' low-to-the-ground stance. No matter what room in your home needs cleaning, ILIFE bots will be able to help out.

Control everything with a remote.

The best part about owning a robot vacuum is that you never have to deal with all the tedium of pushing around a large machine. With ILIFE's Vacuum Bot, everything is done with a handheld remote.

It's cordless, low noise, and a beautiful home companion.

ILIFE is meant to be a device that only adds to your home's luxury, and that means making your home nicer than ever before. Along with having a beautiful exterior, the ILIFE Robot Vacuum is designed to keep the noise down.

This robot will max out at 60 decibels, and will never add to cord clutter in your house. Its wireless build means that no room is too large for this robot to vacuum—even if it's nowhere near a plug.

Never come home to a filthy floor again.

If you're tired of seeing chores pile up, it's time to do something about it. The ILIFE Robot Vacuum is the easiest way to ensure that your home's floors stay clean and dirt-free.

ILIFE is cordless, self-charging, quiet, and easy to use. So, why are you waisting time with your Dirt Devil, again?

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Keep Your Floors Clean and Tidy with ILIFE Robot Vacuum
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