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Is Society Boxed in Technology?

Tech & Society!

She had been running for three miles straight as she came to a calming stop giving her smartwatch a quick glance as it buzzed with praise congratulating her for reaching her daily goal. She smiled wiping the well-earned sweat from her forehead taking out her iPhone to capture the moment, giving a good thought to her caption as she finally tweeted ‘one month strong.’

As she made her way back pacing herself, she gave a quick call to her mother who was in Canada and instantly she was now facetiming her mother thousands of miles away. With the world we live in today, technology plays no stranger to our daily lives, regardless of where we might be. 

The range of usage varies from making food even if it’s just as simple as noodles to connecting with family, friends, and even strangers all across the world as well as connecting with people five feet from us. Technology to society is like the gift that keeps on giving whether we want it to or not, however, with all the good it can try to bring to society, consequences almost always follow.

With the peaks of having our society submerged in so much technology, it tends to be tricky to spot the deficiency in human interactions if technology only makes it easier for us to “communicate." However, technology has not only helped us develop in our society but has also enabled us to be more knowledgeable about things like transportation, communication, and education. 

According to Karehka Ramey, transportation is one of the basic areas of technological activity. Both society and businesses have benefited from the new transpiration methods. He continues to voice that transportation is a vital part of our society as it allows us to not only relocate but also move goods from one place to another. 

Technology, without a doubt, has definitely improved the way we communicate as a society. We can not only communicate with someone in a different state, country but someone oceans away. Voicing our opinion and sharing the news has become easier than ever. 

In addition, much of what we have would not be tangible without the evolution of education. “Technologies like smart whiteboards, computers, mobile phones, iPads, projectors, and internet are being used in classrooms to boost students’ moral to learn,” Ramey continues to say.

As technology continues to advance, it not only brings advantages but disadvantages as well. For instance, with the widespread use of technology to communicate, it raises a concern of how little we now spend interacting face to face. We seem to be taking advantage of being behind the screen as many find this time to troll, bully, and catfish others; people tend to say belligerent things knowing they are “protected” by the comfort of their screen. 

Nowadays, the list of drawbacks from technology range from increasing pollution to the uncanny production of unhealthy food. Some may even argue that technology is actually hurting us as it's making us dumber, enabling us to depend too much on it for things like spelling, simple calculations, and instructions.

Finally, as we indulge in the luxury of technology, we have the opportunity to experience both sides of the coin. In today’s society, we have much to be thankful of in regards to technology; from having the chance to enjoy the outside world from the comfort of our fingertips to the advantage of knowing the gender of a child before their birth. 

These benefits, however, invite many downsides like un-welcomed shortcuts to wide varieties of fast processed foods.

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Is Society Boxed in Technology?
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