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How to Keep Your Pipeline Working for You

Improve your pipeline today

When a company has software in development, the process can be frustrating in several ways. That is why the developmental pipeline should have the best in automation and version control. There should be good people in charge of the continuous integration and delivery, known as CI/CD in the industry. Making sure that everything is running smoothly is necessary to make sure that the company is able to bring a product to market that is worthy of their name. That is why the pipeline must be as good as they can make it. People hire the right programmers to make their software, which means they should have the right system in place for them.

Revision Control

People outside of software development are unaware of what revision control is. They see people talking about Github all the time, but do not know what it is. Well, revision control is when the company has a central area with the latest version they want to work with. That is what is getting new lines of code added to it, along with how a company knows what the progress they are making is. This helps to also let the project supervision know what they need to speed up.

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration is where the programmers and developers are merging their copies in development. This could happen several times a day, or any other specified time period. This allows for one person to be testing what is available, while the other can see what is needed. This also allows for people outside the project to be given updates on the progress that is being made. This also allows for someone to realize all that is needed is polish, when programmers may believe they can add more. That is why revision control is important.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is where teams produce software projects in short time periods. While this may seem to be hard for monolithic projects, it is not the case in a microservices approach. This allows for modules to be created in a way that the timeline of parts of a larger project can be marketed. That allows for a simplification of what people see in the end product, as well. This can also be applied to the updates. One area to consider is how online RPG games are able to keep fans interested when they have played all available content and want more gameplay.

Quality Control

During the entire process, quality control is necessary. This is especially true when the timeline has been sped up for the modern times that include microservices. People want to have something to see, so adding features over a time period will allow for people to know that there is something that is coming to keep their interest will make for customers who will stick around. Quality has to be maintained, so it has to be constantly on the mind of the company. That can mean there is one team that is dedicated to this. This team sees what is necessary to bring a polished version out for all to see.

The software pipeline, when working, will allow for a company to know how the project is going. The project could be broken down into several areas, but there has to be continuous integration and delivery. That means there has to be a control over what revisions are done and know what is left to do. Quality needs to be there at every step. The process can work. When it does, it shows customers that the company can bring what they want to buy to market in a timely and polished way.            

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How to Keep Your Pipeline Working for You
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