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How to Earn Free Bitcoins Simply by Watching Videos

The Art of Passive Income

Earn Free Bitcoins Simply by Watching Videos

The Bitcoin is skyrocketing these days and you may have the feeling that you’re missing something big. Anyway, you don’t have much to invest and you may be worried you'll lose everything. The best strategy then is to build your portfolio from nothing. There’s a lot of faucets out there where you can get a few coins, but they are often annoying and repetitive. By using multiple methods you can easily earn a respectable passive income. In a previous post, I talked about Cloud mining, today, I have two alternatives for you: Earncrypto and Eloot.gg:


At Earncrypto you can get paid in cryptocurrency for tasks you already do online. Through playing games, watching entertaining videos, completing surveys, referring friends and relatives, and more. In a few easy steps you will be able to earn quickly any cryptocurrency.

Step 1. Go to Earncrypto. Register and confirm your email.

Sept 2. Choose the Cryptocurrency of your choice. You can go with Bitcoin or any other cryptos available on the site. Personally, I choose Dogecoin because the network fees are much lower.

Step 3. You can complete surveys, watch videos, downloads apps, do some data entry or complete some special offers to earn points.

Step 4. When you get enough points, you can withdraw your balance to your personal wallet.

If you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, you can get $10 of bitcoin for free when you register at Coinbase.


Eloot.gg works almost the same way that Earncrypto. You can watch videos or complete surveys to get points that you can exchange for Bitcoins or cash through Paypal.

Step 1. Go to Eloot.gg.

Step 2. To register you'll need a Gmail login. 

Step 3.  You can go to the video sections and watch videos.

Step 4. When you have at leat 100k points, you can exhange your points for Bitcoins, Bitskins or Cash.

I find that Eloot.gg gives you more points for watching videos than Earncrypto, but it depends when you watch it. You’re most likely to earn more in the middle of the month that at the end.

You can watch videos on a maximum of 3 devices. Don’t create multiple accounts, you may be banned from the site or by the ad platform.

If you follow the rules, you can expect to make around $90 per month. If you get paid in Bitcoin you may think about keeping the coins until the price goes up again. A good strategy is to keep your points and withdraw when the price of Bitcoin is low. Then, wait till it goes up again. For instance, if you withdraw $100 when the Bitcoin was at $5000, and then you sell those Bitcoin when the price was at $8200. You just made an extra $60 just by waiting for the right moment to sell.



Bitradio is a cryptocurrency that you can easily get simply by listening to the radio. You’ll need to first setup up a wallet and then let it sync.

Once the wallet is synchronized, you can register online and start earning BRO. The Bitradio coins can be exchange on cryptopia for Dogecoin or Bitcoin. At this time, the Bro is around $0.16. So not so bad for simply listening to your favourite radio station. If you have enough BRO, you can also stake it. I’ll give you more details about staking in my next post. We’ll learn how to get a interest of 27% per day on some specials coins. 

Combining all these techniques with cloud mining, you should start to get a decent passive income. In my next post, I'll go into details about POS coins and other strategies to increase your cryptocurency revenue. 

Don't forget, if you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet you can get $10 of bitcoin for free when you register at Coinbase.

Wishing you the best luck and huge profits.

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How to Earn Free Bitcoins Simply by Watching Videos
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