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How Film Came Back to Life

Did film make a comeback?

Film. Not a word that you would see too often if you were a photographer back five or six years ago. Back then when the digital wave of cameras was still at an all time high, film was just somewhat of a smaller niche in photography. 

Don't get me wrong, there were definitely a lot of people that were shooting with film instead of making the shift to digital, and even people shifting the other way, wanting to capture a scene in the rawest way possible. But in these recent years, it seems that more and more people are moving back to old ways of minimal shots and prolonged viewing of their photos.

In this day and age, you can't go anywhere without some kind of electronic tech being in the same vicinity. Photographers deal with mass amounts of electronics every day from cameras to lights to computers, so it makes sense that they may every now and then want to take a step back and pull out a film camera. 

There's something very refreshing about shooting with film and not shooting straight onto a DSLR that can take thousands of photos that are saved straight to a memory card. It's the fact of only having that certain amount of shots in your camera that really sets the shooting experience apart from what we deal with today. It's having the trust in yourself that the shot you got on that roll of film is exactly how you want it as you won't be able to see it for two days. It really just makes you think more about the shots you take and can make you a far better and far more out-of-the-box photographer. 

It seems to be teens getting caught up in shooting film these days. Everyone knows at least a couple of people with a photography Instagram that they only post film shots on. It just sets your photos apart from others, and you can make what would usually be a normal scene that you would see with you own eyes to something a little more magical. The grain and colours on the photo are so much different than a digital sensor, and although back when digital cameras were making their rise, this was what we were trying to get rid of, there is something so beautiful about a photo shot on film. 

I urge everyone to try at least once shooting on a roll of film. You may overexpose every shot or you may find yourself with a shot that you would never have caught with your DSLR. The rawness and feeling behind shooting film is something that one cannot achieve with the pixel beasts of today's industry. So please, even if you need to go and buy an old film camera from the thrift store, I promise you that it will be well worth it and the learning experience is something that you will never forget.

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How Film Came Back to Life
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