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Google+ Is Shutting down by August 2019

What You Should Do Now That One of the Biggest Social Networking Sites Is Pulling It's Plus Accounts

Due to the security breach that exposed half a million Google users private data, Google Plus is closing down. Google+ launched in 2011 and promised to be decent competition for rivals Facebook and Twitter. In 2015 it started to wind down most of the consumer functions, citing its failure to catch on backed by their reports that most users only stayed on for 5 seconds or less. I love Google+ and so do many of it's other users! We definitely stay on for more than 5 seconds at a time. One thing is the lack of engagement. You can like and share without feeling so much pressure to comment. It has become a favorite for photographers, who have communities and collections of food, historical sites, people, animals, bugs, fish, the Ocean, or whatever else floats your boat! It's so calming to click on my feed there and see all the pics of nature and animal shares posted in the collections and communities I follow. Someone who speaks a different language can post a comment. Then I can click a button to translate, and even respond back that I agree, the cat refusing to let that pizza slice go IS super cute! Not like I have, but I could if I wanted to. So, because a few private user accounts, that supposedly weren't even used, had been laced with a security breach bug, and Google Vice President Ben Smith says there is a 'low usage' of the social network, it's time for us to say 'Good-Bye Google Plus'? 

Google Plus closing would pose a problem if I used it for business other than blogging. For those people, Google will be releasing information on how to download and migrate files in the coming months. For me it's all about calming nature pics, sharing my blogs with people across the world, and keeping up-to-date on world events. Let me also mention the food video's I love watching, shared people who don't speak English! YUM. And the Elder Scrolls Online sharers? Who else can appreciate accidentally hitting Lydia when she gets in the way during attacks on Bandit camps? Okay, so like usual, I'm getting off topic. Back to Google Plus closing down! My first question when I discovered this news was: Isn't it just the Google consumer part, used by businesses, that was shutting down? The answer I received was: NO. IT'S THE GOOGLE PLUS USER ACCOUNTS AS WELL. That was sad news and I'm pretty disappointed! I guess the next thing I did was silently complain because Openbook hasn't been launched yet. A fun fact is that Google Plus user, Guy Kawasaki, Apple's public rep for the original Macintosh has 7 million followers for his Google Plus, compared to 430,000 followers on his Facebook! "What the Plus?" But I thought Google's Vice President said there was 'low usage'? I guess it's true that Google Plus just isn't a priority for Google, like Guy states. They have their fingers dipped into the proverbial cookie jar of the World Wide Web, which we now call the internet, anyway. Make that a whole hand and part of their arm, too. Maybe we should just say that Google is there skinny dipping, silently watching the drama unfold on the shoreline. I'm not looking forward to Google Plus shutting down. My Facebook is scheduled for permanent deletion on November 23 2018 and I may have to keep it. Or start a new one for just my blog posts. What to do? 

First off, for those of us who still use Google Plus, it's important to find a new social media outlet. In case you don't know, maybe you're just starting a new small business, LinkedIn is a good alternative. I have used it before and will begin to again for my blogs. There is also Twitter and, of course, Facebook. I've never been a Twitterer, so that's a totally new move for me! I have noticed that quite a few book agents with actual, reputable book publishers use Twitter. Maybe by next summer I will be more adventurous online, I don't know. You should have already begun to remove Google+ follow and share buttons from your websites and blogs. Start redirecting people to your chosen social network, LinkedIn, or Facebook pages and groups. I'll be keeping my finger crossed for Openbook to launch! Maybe it will before Google Plus closes? If you start now, you'll be way ahead of Google pulling it's Plus by the time August 2019 rolls around! Most importantly? Good luck!

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Google+ Is Shutting down by August 2019
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