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Gadgets You Need to Have

The Most Essential Gadgets of 2019

In an increasingly technological world, it can feel like you’re constantly falling behind in the tech race. You could choose to be ahead of the curve to compensate, but that could lead you down the roads of new fads that might not catch on, and could soon fade into the ether (remember Google glass everyone?). Additionally, getting brand-new top-of-the-range tech can be mega expensive. The secret behind that is to wait a little while to see if tech catches on, and if the prices go down. So what tech should you be getting? Well, here’s just a few.

Bluetooth Speakers

Podcasts are now a big business, with hundreds of hours of audio entertainment available for free on things like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. With phones being the best way of listening to them, they’re very handy to have on the go whilst your earphones are popped in. However, some people like to listen to their podcasts at home too, and the speaker volume and speaker quality on a phone just isn’t there. Bluetooth speakers are the best way to provide a quality sound system experience to podcasts, and are also useful for playing music when you have guests over. Basically a portable speaker, it connects to your phone and plays the audio through it, be it a podcast, music track or even a YouTube video. With radio also becoming readily available online and through apps like BBC Sounds, a compact Bluetooth speaker could also mean you wouldn’t need to get your hands on a DAB digital radio. There are a few retailers that sell speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, but through The Hut voucher codes you could make savings on some of the best high-quality portable speakers, so why would you go anywhere else?

The Latest Phone

It’s becoming a technological essential, and is probably the one piece of tech that most people use most often. Therefore, why wouldn’t you get the latest releases? A lot of phone retailers are vying for your attention, so there are many additional bonuses that can come with some pay monthly plans. For example, with EE you can get two years of free BT Sport on your phone with some 24-month contracts, great if you’re a fan of the UEFA Champions League and Premiership Rugby. If you like traveling then Vodaphone have global roaming on some deals, which will help reduce phone usage costs when abroad, and iD mobile have data rollover on all new plans.

Portable Power Banks

Some phones don’t hold a charge for as long as we’d like. And if you’re on a long day out, and are requiring your phone to hold enough battery to show you train etickets for your journey home, rationing can seem like an impossibility. Especially if you want to actually use your phone that day. If you’re bringing along a backpack on your adventures anyway, then you’ll have room for a compact portable phone charging power bank. They take up almost no room, and can be very useful in keeping you connected to the apps you need during the day. Whether you need one charging port, two ports, quick chargers, big chargers, or even solar-powered chargers, there are a huge variety out there to suit what power needs you have. But if you’re stuck, then Creative Bloq have the lowdown on the best.


Simply the best way to browse the internet. Phones are good and all, but looking and scrolling through a tiny screen can get tiresome. Also, this is your ultimate organisational tool. There are so many things a laptop can do, and to be fair, you probably know them already, so I won’t bore you with the details that you no doubt already know. However, laptop technology is forever developing. The Macbook Pro’s screen is as crystal clear as ever, and the price of regular Windows OS laptops are forever reducing. There are a lot of laptops out there that sometimes it can be difficult to process everything to decide which is the best for your needs and budget, but thankfully Beebom have you covered.

Because there is more tech than you can shake a stick at, this is by no means an exhaustive list. There are so many pieces of tech that would be useful to you, but could be without purpose for other people, and vice versa. But hopefully, you now know some of the basics to use this as a stepping stone into the futuristic world of tech.

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Gadgets You Need to Have
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