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Gadgets Under $20 That You'll Actually Use Every Day

Love gadgets, but don't love being broke with every new toy you get? These gadgets under $20 will be good to you — and your wallet!

Just about every person you meet will have a thing for gadgets and gizmos. After all, tech makes our lives easier and helps keep us connected in the crazy web that is society.  

The only problem with most people's gadget habits is that it can end up eating a hole in your wallet pretty fast. This is doubly true if you're a fan of form and function, or if want to make sure that the gear you buy can be used on a daily basis. 

If you're like me and can never get enough gear, these gadgets under $20 will be on your new wish list — and will also make you learn to love tech gear just a little bit more every day. 

The Anchor by Elevation Lab

Love keeping your headphones near you when you're at work? Who doesn't? The problem with headphones, though, is that they tend to get in the way of things when you're not working on things with them. 

That's why The Anchor is one of those gadgets under $20 that you'll use every day — and want for your own workspace. This little knickknack allows you to store your headphones under your desk and keep them from getting tangled. 

This means less cord clutter, less desk clutter, and easy access to those new Beats By Dre you just splurged on. 

Cable Organizer by MOS

Many of the smartest gadgets under $20 involve tackling the issue of cable clutter —  and MOS's newest solution is a prime example of it. Let's just face it, cables suck. MOS created a magnetic cable organizer that helps you reduce cable clutter, tangling, and gadget loss. 

It looks great, works with tons of cables, and also can be wall-mounted for easy (yet stylish) access.

Fruit Infusion Pitcher by Prodyne

Not all of the gadgets under $20 involve using tech to sort technology out. This simple gadget allows you to infuse your drinking water with delicious fruit flavor — without having to fish all the fruit out when you serve it. 

It's stylish, easy to clean, and also helps you get a little pop of flavor in your hydration. It's also available in water bottle form, and costs just under $20. What's not to love? 

Suction Cup Bluetooth Shower Speaker by Computer Stuff

There are a lot of people who love singing in the shower, and that's why Computer Stuff created this awesome waterproof, wireless shower speaker. All you need to do is connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, then Spotify up your favorite tunes. 

A suction cup makes this speaker easy to mount, and it's also capable of delivering quality sound. So, as far as cool gadgets under $20 go, it's a winner. 

Apple Watch Charging Stand by Mercase

This slick watch stand doesn't look like it'd be on any list for gadgets under $20, but trust me, you'll be using this gadget every day. This futuristic watch stand allows you to charget your iWatch and your iPhone at the same time. 

Keeping your gear charged and safely stored never looked that good, has it?

Magic Grips by Elevation Lab

If you have a desktop Apple computer, then you already know that the mouse is very well-designed. However, most Apple users can also tell you that it's not always the most comfortable mouse to use — especially compared to more ergonomic designs. 

Elevation Lab's Magic Grips allow you to get a more comfortable grip on your Apple mouse, and also give you a little bit more control. The end result? A truly magical experience, and one of the coolest electronic gadgets out there. 

Webcam Covers by Soomz

Did you know that a lot of hackers actually access webcams for fun? If you're a bit paranoid, or just don't want to deal with that possibility at all, Soomz has got you covered. 

These durable sliding webcam covers make sure that you are in control of who gets to see what's going on with your webcam. And, they're also dirt cheap — which lands them on any list of gadgets under $20 you can actually use every day. 

Self Stirring Mug by LEADNOVO

It's really hard to ignore the fact that coffee stirrers are never around when you need them. If you have your own mug at work, that might now be an issue that's too noticeable. However, it's a pet peeve for many of us. 

That's why LEADNOVO's self stirring mug is one of the coolest kitchen gadgets under $20 we've found. It removes the need to buy stirrers, keeps fingers out of your drink, and also looks pretty darn cute, too. 

4-Port Smart ID Car Charger by Vogek

Everyone has tons of gadgets they want to charge while they're on the go, but the sad truth is that most car chargers just don't have enough slots to let them all charge at the same time. If you have an iDevice, then it's an even worse situation. 

Vogek has created one of the most amazing gadgets under $20 for long distance commuters ever. This four-port charger doesn't just charge regular USBs — it also allows you to charge Apple products alongside your standard USB gear. 

The end result is a fully charged bunch of gadgets regardless of type, all by the time you're done with your commute. For people looking for gift ideas, this is one great tech accessory for the digital nomad in your life. 

Universal Car Mount by TechMatte

This is one of the more classic must-have gadgets under $20. It's a car mount that allows you to keep your phone in viewing distance on your dash or windshield, and comes with a magnetic grip and suction cup for easy usage. 

It's simple, straightforward, and extremely useful if you enjoy Google Maps as your GPS of choice. Most people out there already have it — or something close to it. If you don't, you need one. It really changes the way you drive. 

Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna by Sewell

Love TV? Of course, you do! Hate cable bills? Who doesn't? Sewell's Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna makes it possible to bypass cable bills and still get all the channels you love, all in high-definition quality. 

You could seriously cut down on your cable bills by getting this simple gadget, and it looks great thanks to its paper-thin design. Entertainment-wise, this is one of the best gadgets under $20 on the market — and it'll allow you to tell the story of how your Comcast bills vanished into thin air. 

Spooky? Not really, unless you're a soulless cable corporation. 

Universal Camera Lens Kits by Funlens

Getting to the top of your selfie game will require more than a ton of makeup or Instagram editing skills. If you want to really take pro-quality photos with your phone, you will need to get different kinds of camera lenses for your phone

This really cute clip on cell phone camera lens kit gives you five different lenses and infinite opportunities to get the ultimate selfie. For Instagram fans, you can't get better than these gadgets under $20. (Note: We totally suggest getting these as gifts for your teenager interested in photography.)

Sound-Activated Car Stickers by Signstek

There are certain people out there, myself included, who absolutely adore music — and want to show off their love everywhere they go. These sound activated LED light stickers are just what the doctor ordered, and they also are specially designed to work with car systems. 

So, if you want to blast your beats in style, then this is one of the best gadgets under $20. They're easy to install and will turn people's heads in an instant. 

Emoji External Power Bank by Mchoice

If you have ever been a long distance commuter, you've worried about your smartphone battery dying. That's why carrying this cute emoji power bank from Mchoice is a smart idea. 

This sturdily built power bank can store enough juice to recharge a typical smartphone, and also is small enough to fit in a medium-sized purse. Considering how cute it looks, it's definitely one of the more teen-friendly gadgets under $20 on Amazon.

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Gadgets Under $20 That You'll Actually Use Every Day
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