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Free Money Online

And can you really earn without any investment?

My answer is a big fat yes!

And further down will be my transactions screenshot shown, that indeed the money made it to my bitcoin wallet last night.

About eight weeks ago I took matters into my own hand to suss out if it is even possible to make money without investing a penny out of my own pocket.

I started by adding myself to about 30-40 different "Work from home/ make money online" Facebook groups. From there I began registering and creating accounts under anyone promoting their "free opportunities"

Most that met my criteria boiled down to three business models:

1) "Advertising revenue shares"

This is something where you are made to click on banners, solve captchas and watch videos. They do pay but it's quite minimal, so without a significant amount of referrals or after 5-8 hours a day of watching ads, the pay will stay somewhere in the ballpark of pennies.

2) "Cloud mining" aka "HYIP"

Now, after doing a quick Google, one can conclude that it is just another ponzi scheme that promises nothing more then unrealistic daily profits and simply does not pay out once withdrawal is requested. The thing here is, however, to get on as early as the site has gone live. Usually the "safe zone" is within the first week, so anywhere from 1-7 days of being online it is somewhat safe to invest. That's only a general rule of thumb, yet there are plenty of schemes that have shut down only after 2 days of running. Either or, it's a tricky biz. To figure out if it is something to go for or not, prior research must be done. Obvious first, the overall look of the website (how does it look, is it working without glitches, are all buttons working, brief look over terms and conditions, does everything make sense or are there any spelling mistakes), then to see if there is a way of chasing down the "owner/founder/headquarters", where the domain originates from and if the same crowd has pulled anything like so earlier. Asking around helps too, usually Mr. Google can answer all your questions there. I have successfully made profits with such investment programs, some I have lost. It is a gamble, pretty much all the time. It had been a while since I last dealt with HYIP-s and to my surprise it is now completely free to get into systems like that. It would be setup so you could refer enough people under you so once someone there invests - you would automatically earn a commission, putting money in your pocket. Completely doable!

3) Crypto currency flaucets (micro flaucets and games/ surveys)

Just as described, very straightforward. Create an account (free), log in from time to time (depending on the site), claim your (usually hourly award anywhere from 10-300 satoshi) sometimes sites like that also provide games (dice, lucky wheel, slots) or surveys for extra prizes in between the "cooling off" period from the previous claim. Unfortunately the awards are extremely low and minimal withdrawal limits are quite high, making it all a painfully slow process.

Yet I kept at it and cashed out! It took me a while but the payment from one of the faucet sites was confirmed and in my bitcoin wallet. Having had previous success with HYIP-s I took it all and invested in one of the newly "live" programs (on day 3 and after extensive research). The percentage I'm promised is not as lucrative as I'm used to seeing promoted around online (3.5% daily) but I'm going to take all I can get!

I will update you all as soon as I have successfully withdrawn from this high yield investment program. As it is a project of mine to see if it is possible to earn money online from nothing. Meanwhile, I will keep claiming my hourly awards from various flaucets.

Proof of payment 

To be continued...

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Free Money Online
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