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Dark Web Horror Stories

From nearly-impossibly good hackers to real-life gore, these are some of the most terrifying Dark Web horror stories on the net.

The Dark Web is now part of internet culture — and regularly finds itself to be the source of internet lore and legends. Though there are parts of the Dark Web that are totally innocuous and innocent, there are definitely some evil web sites out there. 

Sometimes, innocent people end up getting involved on the Dark Web's ugly side, or just end up stumbling upon something that they never should have seen. Other times, people who want to appear tough may claim they have seen sites they didn't. Even more people just want to spin a good horror story to give people the creeps. 

Everyone enjoys a good horror story once in a while, so we decided to find some of the scariest possibly true stories about the Dark Web we've seen. 

"That's very astute of you..."

It's no myth that the Dark Web attracts hackers and identity thieves. After all, there are entire Dark Web sites that are dedicated to being venues where people can buy and sell credit card information and other personal information. 

However, sometimes, it seems like Tor users underestimate how good hackers can be. According to one Reddit user, he went surfing on the Dark Web then closed out of his Tor browser. 

He went onto YouTube and commented on a video he watched. A total stranger then replied to his post, "That's very astute of you, Mr. [His last name.]" 

Yeah, we'd probably say that was enough net for the day if that happened to us, too. 


Bugchasers are people who are sexually attracted to the idea of transmitting or receiving STDs, and unsurprisingly, there are a lot of sites on the Dark Web that actually makes a point of letting bugchasers talk to one another. 

Many people who have gone onto the Dark Web forums have read stories of bugchasers boasting that they infected unwitting people with HIV, chlamydia, and syphilis. In the Dark Web, there's a forum for every single kind — and that means that some of the Dark Web horror stories out there are real. 

Most bugchaser sites are all about sexual roleplay, but some aren't. In 2007, a bugchaser injected several men with HIV-positive blood as a way to reach climax during a sex party. 

If you like anonymous sex, be careful and use a condom. You never know if you'll end up being one of the Dark Web horror stories others read about...

Sad Satan

Sad Satan is one of the few fictional Dark Web horror stories that eventually transformed into a sliver of reality. In forums on both deep web surfing and Dark Web surfing, people began to talk about a creepy game they found called Sad Satan.

The game allegedly was first downloaded off the Dark Web, and caused players' computers to behave erratically. But, it wasn't just a typical glitchy game.

The pixelated game would show disturbing images of demonic children, blare out eerie music, and occasionally show flashes of photos involving Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris — two celebrities that are heavily linked to sexually abusing kids. 

However, the Dark Web forums never seemed to be able to agree on what screen shots were real. Some sources even claim that there are gore photos and actual photos of children being molested in the game. 

The debate often makes people wonder if it's a legit game that aired on the Dark Web, or if it was a hoax among Dark Web horror stories. A common theory is that a game house used the Dark Web to market its goods — and that seems to be the final answer online.

Either way, it became real once a game house released its own version of Sad Satan for the horror game crowd. So, this is one of the few Dark Web horror stories confirmed to be real... as a marketing plan. 

The Horrifying Story of Peter Scully

Few Dark Web horror stories are as grotesque, vile, and evil as the story of Peter Scully — a red room website owner who gained international variety. 

Australian-born Scully had moved to the Philippines and began to date a 17-year-old girl. When he told his girlfriend to find a bunch of young children off the streets who wanted shelter, she obliged. Within a matter of days, his girlfriend had found the kids locked in cages and wearing dog collars.

It only got worse from there.

Police say that Peter Scully raped, tortured, and killed girls as young as 18 months of age, all on video that was posted to the Dark Web. According to victim testimony, older girls were forced to dig their own graves as a form of psychological torture. At least one girl has been confirmed dead, and police currently believe at least eight children were victims. 

He's currently escaping the death penalty in the Philippines, but may be extradited to Australia due to his citizenship history. 

Pink Meth

Blue meth may have become famous thanks to Breaking Bad, but it was nothing like Pink Meth. Pink Meth was a website that stole nude photos of women and men off cloud storage and allowed visitors to share them. 

Additionally, users would allow people to post information about the victims, which would lead to harassment. Multiple victims spoke out, and eventually, government officials were able to shut the site down. 

Rumor has it that there are other Pink Meth-style sites out there, and if you're still in the dating scene, that should terrify you. 

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