Coolest Indestructible Gadgets for Tech Lovers

Have a klutz who loves tech? These indestructible gadgets for tech lovers will make perfect gifts for the rugged geek in your life.

Once upon a time, in a far-off era known as the 90s, loving technology meant that you had to be as careful as humanly possible with any electronic device out there. 

Devices used to be way more delicate back then, and dropping a device would often mean that you'd need to take a trip to Best Buy again. Heck, even trying to play video games would often mean pulling out a cartridge and blowing on it to get the game working. 

Thankfully, times have changed—drastically. Now, there are plenty of stylish, highly functional gadgets for tech lovers of all walks of life. Here are some of the coolest ones we've spotted online for this upcoming holiday season...

The OverBoard Backpack by OverBoard

If you have a friend who loves to travel, then you're in luck. Many indestructible gadgets for tech lovers are specifically designed to be travel-friendly, such as the OverBoard Backpack. 

This massive 20-liter backpack is designed to be waterproof, snowproof, dustproof, and as rugged as possible. As an added perk, this pack is also designed to have that slick urban style people love. Oh, and it floats, too!

CF33 Toughbook by Panasonic

If there's one kind of gadget that you should never have to worry about wrecking, it's your computer. That's why Panasonic worked so hard to create one of the best indestructible gadgets for tech lovers that happen to use Windows computers. 

The Toughbook is designed to be able to be dropped, and is capable of tolerating high humidity, sand, grit, and grime. Though this is technically a tablet with a keyboard and touchpad, it also doubles as a work laptop on the go. 

Varta LED 1-Watt Torch by Varta

A lot of indestructible gadgets for tech lovers are ones that are designed to be excellent emergency equipment, such as the case with Varta's LED Torch. Varta's torch is designed to be as indestructible as humanly possible. 

So, this thing is waterproof, shockproof, heatproof, and basically klutz-proof. No matter what you need to do, this light will not let you down—and will shine a serious amount of brightness your way. (It's also got good battery life, too!)

HERO5 by GoPro

Not many indestructible gadgets for tech lovers are cameras—and it's easy to see why. Photography is a delicate process; and to a point, it's hard to mitigate that with the ruggedness of certain scenes. That's part of the reason why GoPro has become so popular. 

It's hit HERO5 camera is waterproof up to 33 feet, and also happens to be designed to be rugged enough to be jostled around, without sacrificing Ultra-HD quality shots. Additionally, GoPro's cameras are compatible with most of the best air drones out there. 

Vivoactive HR Sport Watch by Garmin

GPS superstar Garmin ended up making one of the best fitness gadgets on the market—and incidentally, it also happens to be one of the most indestructible gadgets for tech lovers who want to get fit. 

Unlike most Fitbits, the Vivoactive HR is designed to be waterproof and capable of being worn while in the pool. Users regularly call it one of the most durable trackers they've had, and considering that it can even measure golf swings, it's safe to say that it's extremely accurate, too. 

Street Rugged Portable Speaker by HDMX

It shouldn't be a shock that many speaker companies pride themselves on making indestructible gadgets for tech lovers. The whole "portable wireless speaker" trend has become a huge thing, especially when it comes to Bluetooth speaker tech. 

This particular model from HDMX is rugged enough to handle daily use, is splash-proof, and has a 30-foot wireless range. So, whether you want to use it for your smart home's Spotify playlist or a quick stroll down your street in style, the Street Rugged Portable Speaker will have your back. 

Bluetooth Waterproof Keyboard for Mac by Adesso

Is it possible? A Mac keyboard that can actually stand up to heavy, klutzy use? With Apple products being notoriously bad when it comes to water damage, it's kind of a miracle to find indestructible gadgets for tech lovers who love Steve Jobs. 

This Bluetooth keyboard allows you to enjoy a wireless keyboard experience, without worrying about spilling your soda on it. At around $25, it's a steal and will give you a lot of peace of mind.

1TB Rugged Portable Hard Drive by LaCie

Portable hard drives can be great indestructible gadgets for people who love tech. Though they used to be known as some of the most delicate pieces of equipment, technology has advanced and they can now be toted anywhere, without the worry of a hard drive being destroyed in the process. 

LaCie's 1TB hard drives are shockproof and treated to prevent damage from dust and water. The end result is an HDD that you can carry anywhere and everywhere, with ease. 

SE215 Headphones by Shure

Shure has become one of the most popular names for tech in the music industry, and much of their sterling reputation is due to their high levels of durability. Their SE215 earphones are a prime example of how elegant indestructible gadgets for tech lovers can be. 

These earphones recently won an award for being the most durable earphones on the market by Headphones Addict, and are noted for their high levels of moisture resistance. 

S60 Triple Proofed Phone by Doogee

Doogee's phones are known to be some of the most indestructible gadgets for tech lovers who always break their phones. These military-grade phones are designed to be as durable as humanly possible, all while running Android 7.0 as its OS. 

The S60 is made to handle water, drops, and dust like a pro. So, if you tend to put your phone through the crucible, this is a great choice. It's also a great gift for friends who drop their phones frequently, too. 

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