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Coolest Gadget Stocking Stuffers

Gadget stocking stuffers are real proof that big things can come in small packages!

Gadgets are everywhere. We live in a gadget-centric society, where the gizmos we have enrich our lives and make it possible for us to do more than ever before. No matter what you want to accomplish, there's a gadget for that purpose. 

With all the gizmos and gadgetry that we get, it comes as no surprise that there are so many awesome gadget stocking stuffers hitting store shelves this holiday season. In fact, many daytime TV shows are even suggesting getting gadgets over gift cards because of how cool some of the gifts have become. 

If you're looking to beat Santa at his own game this Christmas, check out this gift guide for the most epic stocking stuffers for geeks of all kinds. 

Fire TV by Amazon

Amazon's Fire TV with 4K has become one of the hottest gadget stocking stuffers of the year. This petite setup allows you to get access to thousands of channels and enjoy the convenience of an Alexa Voice Remote. Plus, it comes with a specialized TV antenna that allows you to bypass cable subscription if you don't have it.

As long as you have internet, Amazon Fire TV will give you all the epic 4K-quality streaming you want without issue—and that's what makes it one of the coolest gifts you can fit in a Christmas stocking. It's one of the best smart gadgets on the market for your TV-viewing needs. 

Instax Mini 8+ (Vanilla) Instant Film Camera + Self Shot Mirror by Fujifilm

Looking to boost your Instagram style or just unleash your inner artist? Fujifilm made one of the most retro-cool gadget stocking stuffers of the decade when it created the Instax Mini 8+. 

This instant film camera is perfect for capturing the moment and getting the film developed with a quick wave of your hand. Go ahead and get artsy—this Instax will let you capture the best selfie ever. 

iPhone 8 Plus Battery Charging Case by Alpatronix

If you're looking for one of the most universally-appreciated gadget stocking stuffers out there, then go for something you know they'll want to use. A battery charging case for their phone will allow them to go for days without having to recharge—and as such, will be a perfect gift for folks always on the go. 

Alpatronix makes stylish, slim phone cases that pack a very impressive 4200mAh of power. This particular line also comes with light indicators that tell you when it's time to recharge your case, too!

DIY Mini Racing Drone by Maxxrace

Drones have become incredibly popular as a hobby; and it's not surprising that racing drones and similar items have become such popular gift ideas for folks of all ages. Getting a drone is a great way to introduce kids to STEM, or to get into a brand new hobby. 

Maxxrace decided to create a gift that blends the fun of drone flying with a DIY gift idea by creating kits that allow you to build your own mini racing drone. The end result is one of the coolest gadget stocking stuffers money can buy for the DIY enthusiast out there. 

SoundCore Nano Bluetooth Speaker by Anker

Looking for stylish stocking stuffers that let the music lover in your circle of friends show off their great taste? Anker's wireless portable speaker offers massive levels of sound, rich bass, and easy Bluetooth connectivity so that your bestie can flaunt their Spotify everywhere they go. 

Unlike other speakers of the same style, Anker's SoundCore Nano comes with a free 18-month warranty and ample customer service. So, if you're looking for high-quality gadget stocking stuffers that are sure to please, this is one you need to check out. 

Minipresso NS by Wacaco Company

While a lot of the coolest gadget stocking stuffers seem to focus on selfies, streaming, or phones, not all of them do. This awesome handheld espresso machine is ideal for commuters who want a piping hot thermos of coffee in the morning, or want to re-up on coffee during their commute on the train. 

With this cool little gizmo, all you need to do is pop a Nespresso capsule into the machine, add water, and let the coffee maker do the rest of the work. That's why it's a perfect gift for coffee fiends who can't get enough when they head to work. 

Leaf Nature Health Tracker by Bellabeat

A common misconception is that gadget stocking stuffers have to look tacky—and tech company Bellabeat proves that that's anything but the case. Bellabeat creates elegant fitness trackers that look like pieces of statement jewelry, but function like high-end fitness gear. 

This tracker has a built-in vibrating alarm clock, a pedometer, and an app that helps you make the most of your fitness lifestyle. Needless to say, the gym diva you know will probably want to find this in their stocking by Christmas. 

There are other similar gadgets that have been featured on Product Hunt, but this just seems to be so much cooler thanks to its design. 

Mini Portable Hub by Sabrent

We promised that big things would come in small packages, and this is definitely true of Sabrent's 4-Port Mini Portable USB 3.0 Hub. This awesome hub contains four USB ports to charge all your gadgets; and is so tiny, it fits in the palm of your hand. 

Plug and play, use it to transfer tons of files faster than ever; or just turn it into a massive charging station while you're on a trip. No matter how you use it, it's one of the coolest gadget stocking stuffers you'll find. 

Wireless Projection Bluetooth Keyboard by ShowMe

People who think about getting gadget stocking stuffers rarely think about office supplies, but that might just change thanks to ShowMe's Wireless Projection Keyboard. 

This Bluetooth-compatible projection keyboard turns any surface into a fully functional keyboard for your tablet or smartphone. It also has really cool lasers as part of its design, which gives it a very "cyberpunk" vibe. If that isn't awesome, we don't know what is!

HERO5 Session by GoPro

GoPro has become one of the top companies making mountable cameras designed to capture extreme activities in high definition—and their HERO5 design remains the company's biggest hit to date. 

Whether you want to capture sights you might get while flying one of the best drones you have, or you just want to film your bike ride, the HERO5 will be hardy enough to handle it. 

It's built to be waterproof, and resistant to drops, too. As such, it's one of the best waterproof gadget stocking stuffers to help you capture unique shots. 

Spire Stone by Spire

This tiny "stone" is all about helping you cultivate good energy—but not in the same way those healing crystals tend to be. Rather, this is a highly specialized fitness tracker that is all about sensing when you're stressed, and helping you learn how to better cope with guided breathing exercises. 

This is one of the best fitness gadget stocking stuffers out there for people who are depressed, anxious, or otherwise suffering from high stress. With its water resistance and 7-day battery, Spire Stone is capable of staying strong under rough situations—just like you!

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Coolest Gadget Stocking Stuffers
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