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Coolest Electronic Gadgets for Men

Get your hands on some of the coolest electronic gadgets for men.

As tough as many men like to act, that doesn't mean they don't enjoy gifts. If your stuck and unsure about what to get any of the men in your life, why not some of the latest, cutting-edge tech?

With all the electronic gadgets coming out lately — seemingly every other day — it can be easy to get overwhelmed quickly, and, in fact, it's completely understandable. It can be tough to tell what's cool today from what was cool last year, last month — even last week

Luckily, we've done much of the thinking for you, and compiled a thorough list of the coolest electronic gadgets for men. Read on and find out which one of these electronics is the perfect gadget for your situation, whatever it might be.

Cube Pico Video Projector by RIF6

Meet the cube, a powerful little gadget that allows you to project your phone onto a large screen, turning any environment or situation into a guy's personal, pop-up entertainment center.

This product can be used to create a quick home cinema, or a quiet place to watch the game. The cube is built using some of the latest LED technology, making it one of the coolest electronic gadgets for men. 

POP Home Switch Starter Pack by Logitech

We all lose things — men maybe even more so. Can you think of anything more annoying than being unable to find the remote right before a big game? Don't freak out, invest in the Harmony Home Control from Logitech — one of the coolest electronic gadgets for men.

It can be used in synch with your smartphone to create an easy-to-use, one-touch entertainment control. The Harmony Home Control is super easy to set up, and can be used on up to eight devices simultaneously.

Koala Tablet Wall Mount by Dockem

Simplicity and comfort, that's what the Koala Tablet Wall Mount is all about. Whether he wants to stream the games comfortably or binge his favorite shows on Netlix or Hulu, Koala has him covered.

It is a great gift on a budget, as it's under $20, and can be installed in as little as two-minutes, ideally during a timeout or a commercial break. Everything is included, so there is no need for him to get something in the garage to rig it into the wall.

Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower by Snow Joe

With this latest product, he will want to cut the lawn. The Sun Joe is an incredible little lawn mower for under $100. Perfect if he has a small yard and loves the environment — making it one of the coolest electronic gadgets for men.

No need to worry about gas, as it's 100 percent electric. And don't feel self-conscious if it looks like a toy a child might play with — this thing is powerful! Reliability and zero upkeep makes the Sun Joe a slam dunk for those on a budget. 

Fi70B Music System by Fluance

This one is perfect for the sound geeks out there, as the Fluance Fi70B delivers lush, full-bodied sound. It delivers powerful, wireless music through its integrated amplifier and six-speaker configuration. This is a huge development in home audio, and one of the coolest electronic gadgets for men.

You can stream music from Spotify, Pandora, and many more, making your music library essentially infinite. For what you get, the Fluance Fi70B is a steal, coming in at under $500 — this kind of entertainment can run you thousands.

Golf 3D Swing Analyzer by Zepp

Golf is a tough game, and even getting your swing to an acceptable level can take years of practice. Why not give yourself a little help? Wasting all that time practicing without getting a real analysis could cause you to repeat your bad habits. This is a great product, and one of the coolest electronic gifts for men, especially for the guy who likes to spend Saturday mornings on the green.

Another cool feature of the Zepp Golf 3D swing analyzer is that it allows you to compare your swing to PGA tour pros — letting you know just how far you still have to go. It also offers training tips and assorted drills to help you step up your game quicker. 

IZON Wi-Fi Video Monitor by Stem Innovation

The IZON Wi-Fi Video Monitor isn't just one of the coolest electronic gadgets for men, it's one of the safest and most practical as well. Whether you are on vacation or hitting the links, the IZON lets you check on the security of your home from your phone — putting your mind at ease. 

Every man wants to be the king of his castle, and now he can for under $100. It can also be used as a nanny cam, pet cam, or a baby monitor. Never be in the dark again!

PlayStation VR by Sony

From the iconic gaming system, PlayStation becomes the PlayStation VR — an incredibly immersive gaming experience. The VR is a headset made for serious gamers, and it's also one of the latest and greatest in the competitive field of VR headsets.  

In addition to being a top-notch tech product, it's also one of the cheaper, more affordable options. The price, however, does not take away from the user's experience as PlayStation always delivers. 

G900 Gaming Mouse by Logitech

A bad mouse can drive you crazy, that's why the G900 from Logitech is a revelation in the field, and one of the coolest electronic gadgets for men. It is best utilized as a PC gaming mouse, but can also be used if you're just looking to upgrade your home office

The G900 is virtually lag-free, and is probably the most responsive mouse on the market — and has up to 30 hours of battery life. If you're serious about your overall computer experience, you'd be wise to invest in a mouse that never lets you down. 

Echo Dot by Amazon

One of the hottest tech products on the market is also one of the coolest electronic gadgets for men. Like the Echo, the Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that uses Alexa to play music, get the news, send messages, and much more.

The Echo Dot can connect across devices, giving him the entertainment he wants at his leisure. You can even use the Dot to make calls, that way he never has to get off the couch and miss any of the crucial plays or games from his favorite teams. 

Awair: Smart Air Quality Monitor by Bitdefender

You should probably know what the quality of the air you're breathing is, right? Well, if your man owns a home it might be prudent for him to invest in something that will look out for his long-term health. The Awair: Smart Air Quality Monitor does just that. 

It detects all the carbon dioxide, toxic chemicals, and even the dust in the air. It can be connected through your phone, and if something happens to the air you breathe, it will send you quick, efficient alerts. Safety is essential, and knowing what's going in your body makes it one of the coolest electronic gadgets for men.

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Coolest Electronic Gadgets for Men
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