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Cool It With Your iPhone Addiction

Put Away Your Phone

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Some people are addicted to their iPhone. This is obvious when they demand to use to record videos. Some of these addicts need their own iPhone to do this with. We are addicted to looking at the weather app like I just did now. Texting or sending emails with an iPhone could also be a serious addiction. Smartphones are very versatile but fragile. If you drop it on the concrete or floor, look out because your screen will crack. Once your screen cracks, your phone is done. The batteries also do not last very long, causing the phone to drain quickly if not plugged into a charger.

Smartphone addiction is not immediately obvious. But when you see people walking down the street while texting, that is part of it. They are hung up on their games or texting. Many use their versatile iPhone to listen to music. Music is usually listened to with headphones as it is train etiquette to do so. Some people forget their train etiquette. Many iPhone addicts have no idea they are addicted to the iPhone. Looking at the phone in the wee hours of the morning is yet another sign somebody is addicted to the iPhone.

The average U.S. iPhone user looks at their phone 46 times a day. Not having a smartphone around to look at can make some people anxious. The ubiquitous use of the smartphone can be considered an addiction in modern times, since smartphones trigger dopamine. Dopamine can also trigger sex addiction, food addiction, drug addiction, and gambling addiction. Addicts have an addiction because they have a dopamine rush every time they engage in dopamine sources such as the above listed. The sense of touch that is triggered by using the smartphone is a huge situation with the brain involved. Social anxiety has been determined as the likeliest cause of smartphone addiction.

Smartphone addiction is watching people on their phones while walking down the street. Smartphone addiction is all about maintaining an iPhone without losing it. Smartphone addicts play games, text, or talk on the phone. Addiction rules their lives. They do nothing without their iPhone. They sit on the train with their iPhone, they text during work, they don’t leave their phone off. The thing people don’t get is that smartphone addiction is real. It exists. It's as bad as internet addiction, since a user can access the internet on the iPhone. Smartphone addiction may seem funny to some people, but for an addict, losing an iPhone can feel monumentally bad to the addict, particularly while traveling. This is why iPhones need to be backed up online using iCloud—which reminds me that I need to backup my phone on the server.

People have forgotten how to put their iPhones away. I never use mine in the car even when I need the GPS; I put it away and look at it briefly. I see people using their smartphones in the car, which is dangerous, having a high potential to cause accidents. You see, smartphones need to have the ringer turned off sometimes, when in a meeting, but some people don’t even bother with that. I leave my ringer off most days anyhow. I just turned it back on to use the phone for my alarm system in the middle of the night to check my blood sugar. This is the only reason my phone goes into my bedroom with me. Otherwise, I keep my phone in the living room. The iPhone is a useful tool but sometimes it is best to leave it alone for a day; you do not always have to use it. Don’t text in the car, don’t touch your phone in the car; this is a fine if a cop actually sees you. Learn to leave the phone alone, for goodness' sake. 

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Cool It With Your iPhone Addiction
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