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Cool Gadgets for the Person Who Has Everything

From hilarious gag gifts to life-saving items, these are the coolest gadgets for the person who has everything.

One of the hardest things to do is shop for gifts and gadgets for the person who has everything in your life. Socks? They have plenty. One of the best smart watches on the market? They have two, because of course they do. 

When you're dealing with one of those tech fiends that has everything, it takes a good amount of research to find something obscure enough for them to be amazed by it. 

Running out of gift ideas for that person? Speaking as someone who's that much of a gadget fan, these are some pretty epic gadgets for people who literally have gotten their paws on every major trend yet. 

Record Runner by Urban Outfitters

Perhaps one of the most retro-cool gadgets for the person that has everything to do with music is the Record Runner. This is a unique gift that allows you to listen to records without a turntable. 

All you need to do to hear the sick beats from your favorite vinyl is to just place the little car on your vinyl and let it run. Tunes come from its speaker, and it keeps your vinyl intact. 

Believe it or not, this is an updated gadget from the 70s that now has come back into style. It's retro enough to be novel once more, and makes for a great gift for music lovers of all kinds. 

Instax Mini 9 Camera by Fujifilm

I'll say it once, and I'll say it again: cameras are the perfect gift gadgets for the person who has everything. You can never have too many cameras if you're a shutterbug, and if you're not into photography, you'll still end up impressed over the quality of said camera. 

This Instax camera is a perfect way to get retro-style Polaroid-type photos with modern equipment. Add a good travel camera bag, and you're set with an amazing present. 

Division Zero X40 Pro Gaming by ThinkGeek

Some of the best gadgets for the person that has everything are simple upgrades to what they already have. This epic keyboard is designed to be highly reactive, multi-mode, and perfect for both gaming and regular day-to-day work. 

This keyboard allows you to get that nice tactile "punch" a lot of gamers enjoy, then switch to linear for standard typing. If your friend is a gamer, they'll understand why this is a great gadget. It's a great laptop accessory for both gamers and writers alike. 

Colored Wakeup Light Alarm Clock by HBLife

One of the more health-oriented gadget for the person who has everything techy is a new alarm clock. Unlike others on the market, this alarm clock is designed to help you fall asleep and wake up gently using the very waves of light that cue our bodies to go to sleep. 

An ideal tech gift for the insomniac who just can't get a good night's rest, this alarm clock is all about bringing a new level of sleep and style to your bedroom. 

Titanium Wireless Bone Conducting Headphones by Aftershokz

Looking for sci-fi gadgets for the person who has everything and wants to pretend that they are living in the 24th century? Look no further than Aftershokz headphones. 

These silent headphones will never be heard by others, primarily because they use vibrations to your cheekbones to transmit soundwaves to you. Meanwhile, your ears are open to hear ambient noise—which in turn, keeps the wearer a bit safer. 

Compacting Garbage with Odor Filter by Richard & Anthony Joseph

Looking for a seriously utilitarian gadget for that special person? This garbage can works as both a trash compactor and an odor filter. For the lucky person that gets this gizmo, this means fewer trips to the curb and fewer smells. 

This garbage can has all the leak prevention you could imagine and also has been tested over 100,000 times. If you're looking for a new way to cut down on waste, this is it. 

ST71 Storm Glass by Kikkerland

When shopping around for gadgets for the person who has everything even remotely techy, it's a good idea to go low tech. This is a decorative gadget that uses air pressure to determine the forecast for the upcoming hours. 

Crystals in the chamber respond to changes in weather, making it a neat handheld device that will be both useful and a conversation-starter on your friend's desk. 

Liquid Plastic Welder Starter Kit by Bondic

Have a gadget fan who loves to fix their own wiring? Rather than have them reaching for wire strippers and some new cable heads, give them this gizmo instead. It's been showing up on tons of epic DIY gift guides because of its useful nature. 

Bondic's Liquid Plastic Welder kit allows you to fix wiring by welding it using a durable thermoplastic blend. This tool means you can say goodbye to frayed wires and hello to crazy unique DIY projects.

Tesla Coil Double Arc Lighter by Tesla Coil Lighters

This may seem like a typical lighter at first... until you realize it's got no flame and uses no butane to light your cigarette. Rather, this uses a double electricity arc from a Tesla Coil to get sparks going. That cool twist is what makes this one of the most interesting gadgets for the person who has everything.

Did we mention it's USB-rechargeable and can light 300 cigarettes in a single charge? Yeah, it can do that—and that's why it's a perfect gift for the treehugger in your life. 

PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer and Charger by PhoneSoap

We couldn't really have a list of gadgets for the person who has everything without at least one cellphone accessory, right? Cellphones carry a lot of bacteria and grime and they can't be washed the normal way. This leaves a lot of gross stuff that could get you sick. 

PhoneSoap is a gadget that uses UV light to sanitize your phone safely, all while charging it. It's a great way to stay clean and keep your phone charged—all while showing that Shark Tank products really are amazing. 

Iggy Paulsen
Iggy Paulsen

Iggy Paulsen is a fan of anything and everything wholesome. He loves his two dogs, hiking in the woods, traveling to Aruba, building DIY projects that better humanity, and listening to motivational speakers. He hopes to eventually become a motivational speaker himself.

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