Meet Olly: The World’s First Robot with Personality

Ossiana Tepfenhart9 months ago
Why Olly, the Robot Home Assistant, Will Be Amazing For People With Depression and Anxiety
It seems like something out of a sci-fi movie: a robot home assistant that can soothe you into a more mellow mood. However, this isn't a promo for a new science fiction movie; it's real life. Emotech,...
Kelsey Lange9 months ago
Jibo vs Olly, and Why Olly's Robotic Technology Exceeds All of Jibo's Features
After Olly released their slogan as "The world's first robot with personality" many people pointed fingers toward Jibo. However, Olly is the only robot in the world that will adapt to its owner's life...
Jacqueline Hanikeh9 months ago
Meet Olly, Your Personal Trainer
How many times have you dreaded heading to the gym? If you’re like me and always dread going, we tend to think that there has to be an alternative to getting the best work out. Sure, the gym consists ...