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Best Trackball Mice of 2018

Many people are throwing out their old mice and ushering in the new. This guide to the best trackball mice will get you started, too.

Whether for increased sensitivity and stability, to avoid wrist and arm pain, or for increased customizability, check out the best trackball mice to upgrade and personalize your computer experience.

Wireless Trackball M570 by Logitech

With over 13,000 four-to-five star reviews, it's clear that the Logitech Trackball M570 is one of the best trackball mice available. Popular with many users, this mouse combines the sensitivity and ease of a trackball with the familiarity of a traditional computer mouse. The battery-saving functions ensure that your AA batteries will go a long way - as much 18 months - before you need to replace them. It has a long wireless range, so and can connect to multiple devices so you can use it in all areas of your life.

This model allows you to use your thumb to scroll, which may feel more familiar and comfortable to many users. Although this design isn't ambidextrous like the centered-trackball mice, it may be an easier transition for those used to a traditional mouse. 

Expert Trackball Mouse by Kensington

The Kensington Expert Wireless Trackball mouse uses AA batteries for a long life, and connects to your Mac or PC using Bluetooth or a USB nano receiver. It also boasts programmable buttons, so you can adjust it to best suit your needs. In addition, the centered trackball makes this mouse great for left- and right-handers alike, and the large ball size makes it highly responsive and fun to use.

While many people prefer the ease of a wireless mouse, Kensington also makes a wired Expert version, for a bit cheaper if you're looking for the same high quality on a smaller budget.

Orbit Trackball Mouse with Scroll Ring by Kensington

Kensington makes many of the best trackball mice. Even if you don't want to invest in the higher-quality Expert mouse, they also offer a more budget-friendly option, which still provides many of the same high-quality functions. It is compatible with Mac and Windows, and also comes in both wireless and USB connectable versions. The trackball and scroll ring provide smooth navigation for any computer needs, as well as two programmable buttons. The trackball is smaller than that of the Kensington Expert mouse, which means it might not be as sensitive and does not allow for broader motions. But if those functions don't matter so much to you, this option is a great bang for your buck.

CST2545-5W L-Trac by Clearly Superior Technologies, Inc.

The CST L-Trac is highly customizable and long-lasting. This mouse allows you to select your preferred sensitivity and offers three programmable buttons. You can also add two more programmable buttons, purchased separately, for even more personalization. The smooth design conforms to your hand, providing comfort and ease. Not needing to move or rotate your wrist to operate your computer can prevent the wrist pains that often come from overuse.

This US-based company uses only the highest quality materials, so your mouse will last you a long time—a solid, long-term investment if you're willing to spend the money.

M-HT1URBK Trackball Mouse by Elecom

This Elecom model is designed with a larger surface for improved wrist stability and comfort, as well as to prevent wrist pain. It's one of the best trackball mice for gaming, as it offers eight programmable buttons as well as a scroll wheel for left-right scrolling. These options make this mouse much more customizable than its competition, and great for users with more complex mouse requirements.

Users can also select and change their preferred pointer speed, making this a versatile option for everything from gaming to browsing the web.

MX Ergo by Logitech

Thinking about transitioning to a trackball mouse, but worried it might be too different? Logitech's MX Ergo might be the solution for you. The smooth top and soft rubber grip molds to your hand for maximum comfort and stability, while programmable buttons harken to the design of a traditional mouse, including a center scroll and left/right-click buttons. The trackball is operated with the thumb, and allows you to adjust the tilt so your wrist can rest flatly and comfortably, reducing muscle strain and preventing wrist pain.

Image Handheld Finger Mouse by BrainyTrade

If the standard design for trackball mice still causes you wrist and hand pain, you might want to consider switching to a handheld mouse like this one. It's ambidextrous, wireless, and easily operable with just your thumb. With a long wireless range and trigger-style laser pointer, the handheld mouse is perfect for work or school presentations and discussions. 

Although this design is quite the departure from the norm, it may be an improvement if you spend a lot of time using your computer in bed or on a couch, where your range of movement is limited or you lack a flat surface on which to maneuver a mouse.

M-XT4DRBK Left-Handed Trackball Mouse by Elecom

Many of the best trackball mice are thumb-operated: the side trackball is more familiar to users of the traditional mouse, as is the central scroll. But for left-handed users, centered trackball mice are often the only option. Luckily, Elecom makes a trackball mouse just for the lefties, so you don't have to feel trapped by limited options. This version also offers programmable buttons and a range of cursor speed options for you to select based on your individual computing needs and preferences. You can also easily remove the trackball for cleaning, so it stays smooth for a long time.

Vertical Mouse by ECHTPower

This unique vertical mouse design is intended to ease the strain on your arm and wrist when you have to spend a lot of time at the computer. It features a wide range of buttons, including a 3D scroll wheel and left/right clicking. It also has convenient buttons for paging up and down, so you don't have to scroll manually when browsing the web. You can also adjust the cursor speed, making it a versatile option for work, home, or gaming. 

It's also a fun and fashionable option, with your choice of LED breathing lights and a sleek black design. Pair it with the best computers for photo editing and you're set. 

Trackman Marble Mouse by Logitech

Many Logitech mice rank among the best trackball mice. The simple, budget-friendly Trackman Marble Mouse is a versatile option, compatible with Mac and Windows and featuring four programmable buttons. It's centered trackball makes it great for left- and right-handers alike, and has convenient buttons on either side for easy clicking. The base is built for stability, so it stays put and makes it easy on your arm and wrist. 

Although many users prefer wireless mice, connecting easily to your device via USB cord means you never have to worry about battery life, and you're not going to break the bank.

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Best Trackball Mice of 2018
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