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Best Tech Gifts for Co-Workers

Win your holiday parties with some of these great tech gifts for co-workers.

If you're struggling with what to get some of your co-workers for the holidays, I'd suggest you take a look in the tech field. Many of the best tech gifts for co-workers make the perfect stocking stuffers. No need to go crazy; a thoughtful, and more importantly, practical gift will go a long way. 

Plus, if you have the need to give the perfect gift in the office, many of these great gift ideas should get you off and running. So, be the star of your offices Secret Santa, and pick up some of these great tech gifts for co-workers. Your colleagues will surely thank you for these useful gadgets; and they may even help make your work experience more pleasant.

Universal 6-Port Desktop USB Hub / Charging Station by Jelly Comb

A charging hub is one of the best tech gifts for co-workers, especially if they work in a modern office. Make sure none of their gadgets ever crap out again. And with this little thing an arms reach away, they will never run out of juice. 

The six ports will clear up space on their desk and allow them to discard unneeded wires and clutter. It's made with some of the most advanced materials on the market, and the hub uses fireproof composite materials to make your office a safer place. 

Beverage/Drink Warmer: USB Electric Coffee/Tea Coaster by Online Only

This is a great stocking stuffer because it keeps the most important thing around the office warm—coffee. It's an aluminum plate surrounded by a dark walnut wood trim, making it look great around the edges. It's easy to store in a laptop bag, and it can be easily plugged into USB ports, so you can warm your coffee while you work. 

It's built to last and is completely waterproof. So don't worry if you spill some of your coffee on it. This thing will surely get plenty of use, making it one of the best tech gifts for co-workers. 

WD 1TB My Passport external hard drive by Western Digital

If you are making a bit more money, this is one of the best tech gifts for co-workers. While it's more expensive than many other items on this list, it's a pretty practical gift when you really break it down. 

A small, but powerful external hard drive can be an invaluable item to have around the office. It can be easily stored in a desk drawer and provides additional space for important documents and other media.

PowerCore 10000 by Anker

The Anker is incredibly compact and great at providing juice to those workers who are constantly on the move. It's lightweight and charges your gadgets faster than anything like it on the market. 

It's reasonable price point makes it one of the best tech gifts for co-workers. The Anker is a perfect gift for co-workers you don't know that well, but still want to gift a little something. It's practical and anyone could get some use out of it. 

Herringbone Woollen Water-resistant 15-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Bag by Kayond

If you've noticed one of your fellow co-workers has a ratty laptop bag, why not upgrade that for them with this stylish selection from Kayond. Its soft, cushioned lining is meant to protect your computer from accidents, such as drops or banging it on the car door. 

It's slim so it can fit most places, and is waterproof, so it can stand up to even the toughest elements. It makes one of the best tech gifts for co-workers who are in desperate need of a new place to put their favorite gadgets. 

Roku Express by Roku

This is one of the best streaming devices at an affordable price, making it one of the most ideal tech gifts for co-workers. After a long day at work, your co-worker will want to unwind with some Netflix or Hulu, and this handy device will make it that much better. 

Better yet, the Roku comes with no fees or other charges—the Netflix subscription comes separately. The Roku is very user-friendly; and once you plug it in, it's ready to go. 

Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker by Doss

A quality Bluetooth speaker is one of the best tech gifts for co-workers, and if you're lucky, they'll even use it around the office. The Doss is incredibly easy to use and one of the best-selling surround sound systems on the market. It brings high definition stereo sound with an impressive volume, all the while being compact and highly portable. 

They can use it camping, hiking, or at a party, wherever they want to play high-quality tunes. There are no higher quality blue tooth speakers at this competitive a price.  

Lightning Cable by ZTeanok

Many of us have that co-worker who never seems to have their charger. Why not nip all that in the bud? Buying them a quality phone charger makes one of the best tech gifts for co-workers—especially the forgetful types. To make things even better, these come in packs of two, so if they happen to lose one (they probably will) they will have a spare. 

Aluminum Desktop Charging Stand for iPhone by Satechi

Dock your phone on your desk while you work, ensuring you'll never miss an important call again. It makes one of the best tech gifts for co-workers who don't like to let their phone far out of their sight. They can work on their computer and have a piece of mind, knowing that their phone is just an arm's length away. 

The sturdy grip at the base ensures your charging cable stays in place, and your mind stays on your work. It works with all iPhone models with Lightning ports, including iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6 Plus, 6S, 6, 5S, 5C, and 5.

910-004442 Wireless Mouse by Logitech

Lastly, if they work at a desk, then this is one of the best tech gifts for co-workers. This mouse from Logitech is not only colorful, it's highly responsive, allowing them to sail through their work. It's wireless and the battery life is known to last well over a year. 

It's light and fun to use, easily one of the best holiday gift ideas to improve people's desk jobs. It's available in seven different designs, and works with Mac, Windows, and Chrome—all from up to 33 feet away. 

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