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Best Soundbars Under $300 You Can Buy in 2018

A moderately-priced soundbar that has high quality? These soundbars under $300 prove it's possible to get great sound without breaking the bank.

It's common knowledge that there are certain tech items that require you to pay for quality. Audiophiles can tell you that there's a huge difference between expensive sound systems and cheap ones. So, anything dealing with sound is something that typically is a splurge. 

The tech involved with sound quality is what causes the price to get so high. That's why the best portable speakers get pricey, why the best high-end soundbars tend to cost a bit, and why people are willing to pay $400 for the benefits of high quality headphones

For many audiophiles on a budget, the need to invest in good sound is something that has turned into a "white whale" hunt of sorts. It's so difficult to find world-class sound quality without spending over $500 to get it. 

Speaking as an audiophile, I was pretty impressed with the quality of soundbars on the market. Some of them, including these soundbars under $300, are major steals for someone who won't compromise on great sound. 

SmartCast SB3621N-E8 2.1 Speaker System by Vizio

Wall-mountable, stylish as heck, and capable of giving you a beautifully wide range of tunes, the Vizio SmartCast is one of the best soundbars under $200. 

This elegant soundbar comes with deep bass capabilities, a remote control, a USB port, and Bluetooth. Needless to say, if you're looking for a cable-free way of getting quality sound, Vizo's very affordable choice is a great way to get it. 

Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar with Built-In Subwoofer by AmazonBasics

For music lovers who are on a very tight budget, looking at most of the best cheap soundbars still will yield few doable results. This AmazonBasics is one of the only soundbars under $100 that will work well, give you decent bass, and also come with a remote control too. 

For the price it's at, and the sound quality it delivers, it's a really amazing soundbar. 

Digital ASB-900 40" HD Sound Home Theater Soundbar by Apex

Tech geeks will already recognize Apex's name from their high quality goods in a variety of different fields. This home theater soundbar offers 250 Watts of pure power, and does it beautifully. 

Two auxiliary inputs and Bluetooth streaming means that you will get all the multi-dimensional sound you want, from any device you want to stream it from. At under $100, it's a bargain in the purest sense of the word. 

YAS-105 Bluetooth Soundbar by Yamaha

Yamaha has long been a maker of great music gear, from keyboards that appeared on 80s game shows to bumpin' stereo systems of the 90s. It's 2018, and Yamaha still makes some golden stuff. 

The YAS-105 Soundbar is one of the best soundbars under $300 for good reason. Excellent sound quality, top notch subwoofers, and great Bluetooth connectivity are what you should expect here. A simple setup and crisp design, though, are what make this a truly superior model. 

XT2 2.1-Channel TV Base Speaker with Built-in Subwoofer by Sony

Sony is a major competitor to Yamaha, and judging from this offering above, they may also be trying to top Yamaha for the best subwoofers under $300 category. 

The XT2 is a very elegant surround sound system in bar form, with a full range spectrum of sound ready for the playing. In terms of input, you've got the full gamut to choose from: USB, Bluetooth connectivity, and built-in Chromecast capability too. 

The MagniFi Mini by Polk Audio

Size doesn't matter, and if you like small systems that carry a powerful punch, you're going to need to check out Polk's MagniFi Mini. This petite soundbar is known for loud, in-depth sound with epic EQ settings. 

If you love seeing tiny boxes that act as massive soundsystems, you'll understand what makes the MagniFi Mini one of the best soundbars under $300 currently still being sold. 

Signa S1 by Polk Audio

Polk's MagniFi like can be a little bit much for some homes, not to mention some wallets. If you love the Polk line but don't dig the Polk price, then your better option would be the Signa S1

The S1 offers Bluetooth connectivity and a gorgeous wireless subwoofer for deep, rumbling bass. The sound fills rooms and is designed for easy set up. What's not to love? 

Cinema B350 Home Cinema Soundbar by JBL

Among audiophiles who enjoy a good home theater setup, few things are as awesome as getting some sound gear from JBL. The Cinema SB350 is designed to be one of the most impressive models the company offers under $250. 

If you love JBL quality, adore a slim package, and love powerful subwoofers, it won't take much to see what makes this one of the most popular lines out there. 

Accuvoice AV200 by ZVOX

Slightly futuristic, delightfully compact, but never too pricey, the Accuvoice AV200 is a gadget with a mission. That mission, of course, is to make your TV and entertainment sound great at a reasonable price. 

This isn't your usual soundbar, though. Thanks to it unique Hearing Aid technology, the Accuvoice remains one of the best soundbars to serve the hearing impaired and their family members. 

SoundBase 570 by ZVOX

People who are looking for a splurge item will love taking a look at ZVOX's other entry on this list—the SoundBase 570. Squeaking in at pennies under $300, the SoundBase 570 has become noted for its insane bass, all trapped inside a platform that's perfectly petite. 

Bluetooth connectivity means you'll stream stuff from any gadget you own. Accuvoice tech means that everyone in your family, even the hearing-impaired, will enjoy it. 

Solo 5 TV Sound System by Bose

Is there ever a time when saying that you have a Bose speaker doesn't sound like a brag? If so, we haven't seen it yet. Despite the reputation for being an audiophile's luxury choice, the company actually makes one of the best soundbars under $300 on this list. 

The Solo 5 TV Sound System is a bar that enhances TV program audio beautifully and add clarity where other speakers fail. If your TV speakers aren't cutting it, this is the choice that will turn your home theater into a cinema-style experience. 

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Best Soundbars Under $300 You Can Buy in 2018
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