Best Movies for People Who Love Gadgets

Are you a technophile? Then, check out these awesome movies for people who love gadgets, gizmos, and more.

Gadget fans, unite! Call it pure nerdiness or just a love of seeing technology in action, but whatever it is, the folks who love good gear are a seriously different breed. 

The funny thing about loving gadgets is that there seem to be three schools of thought on it. Each school of thought tends to have a different reason why they enjoy gadgetry. 

Some folks are gadget lovers simply because of the aesthetic that it offers. Others like the convenience that most gadgets enjoy. Even more adore the technology behind it and marvel at how some gadgets cost under $20, but do priceless work. 

No matter what kind of gadget aficionado you are, you can always appreciate seeing them in action. Looking for new ways to celebrate great technology? Check out these great movies for people who love gadgets!


We've all had that one person who should come with a built-in "mute" button—and Click is a superbly satisfying movie just because of that. Click follows the story of a hapless guy who ends up finding a remote control that controls life instead of TV. 

If you're looking for one of the more imaginative movies for people who love gadgets and don't mind sitting through an Adam Sandler film, Click definitely will please. 

Men in Black

As one of the top sci-fi favorites based on conspiracy theories, it's kind of obvious that Men in Black would have to be on here. This show had a plethora of awesome gadgets worth pointing out, including an entire base filled with alien technology. 

That little flashy memory eraser thing alone makes it one of the best movies for people who love gadgets. I mean, it's a handheld device that can erase memories with the push of a button. How crazy is that?

Iron Man

Admittedly, almost any Marvel superheroes movie will have great gadgetry in it since that's the nature of a superhero's life. Iron Man and his franchise, though, takes it to a whole new level—which is precisely why any Iron Man movie qualifies as one of the best movies for people who love gadgets. 

Tony Stark is the superhero version of Elon Musk, and never ceases to amaze with his gadgetry. Robot companions, cool phones, and just about everything else would make every technophile drool. 

Mission: Impossible

Much like Iron Man and Men in Black, the entire Mission: Impossible movie franchise is chock-full of amazing gear. More specifically, it's one of the best bunches movies for people who love gadgets that deal with cars and espionage to see. 

It's hard not to feel a little thrill when someone in these films pulls out a cool gun, grappling hook, or gizmo to help them out. Top secret-level gadgetry always does that, doesn't it?

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Believe it or not, the movie based on the classic children's book, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, is one of the best movies for people who love gadgets out there. The entire premise of the movie centers on a hapless scientist who keeps making inventions that backfire... until one ends up putting his town on the map. 

Though it's really a kids' movie, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs takes on the world of gadgetry with a childlike wonder—and that makes it a really touching movie. 

Inspector Gadget

No, not the show, the 1999 movie. We couldn't create a list of movies for people who love gadgets without actually mentioning Inspector Gadget—the one guy who made our childhoods marked by the phrase, "Go, go, gadget copter!"

The movie version, also called Inspector Gadget, is hilarious and keeps the gadget magic happening. Though Penny isn't as capable as she is in the classic cartoon, Inspector Gadget remains a great flick that's fun for the whole family. 

District 9

When District 9 first came out, people immediately recognized it as a telling allegory that was meant to reflect South Africa's Apartheid. However, they ignored the fact that it's one of the best sci-fi movies for people who love gadgets. 

The alien technology in this film is beautiful in its own way, much like the way that it presents Prawns. Kudos, District 9. Kudos.

Casino Royale

If there was one single franchise of movies for people who love gadgets, it had to be the James Bond franchise. This movie series virtually invented the concept of spy gadgets in Hollywood—and repeatedly had TV shows spoof the amazingly imaginative ideas they've had. 

Just about every 007 movie will feature cool gadgets being used by sexy men. That's why they even have a James Bond Spy School workout, and why people want to be Bond. You can't go wrong with James Bond, so I'll just put my personal favorite on here for this list: Casino Royale.

Back to the Future 2

This is yet one more franchise that has become infamous for great gadgets—and the phrase, "Great Scott!" 

The original Back to the Future movie had plenty of cool gear and an awesome precursor to Rick Sanchez. Back to the Future 2, though, has way more gadgets, including one that basically creates free energy. 

A lot of the gadgets that were noted in the 2015 reality featured in this movie have actually happened, which makes this film even cooler. Video phones, an app like Facebook, and even self-lacing sneakers were all correctly predicted.

Ghost in the Shell

Based off an anime series by the same name, Ghost in the Shell definitely rounds out my list of the best movies for people who love gadgets. The reason why is because everything in this movie seems to have a gadgety vibe to it—including some of the characters. 

Deeply dystopian and surprisingly pretty, this is one of the best movies out there for people who want to become technology, or worry what happens when the lines between tech and people blur. 

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