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Best Hidden Wearable Cameras You Can Buy

Whether it's for a YouTube prank channel or crazy documentation purposes, you can unleash your inner James Bond with these nifty hidden wearable cameras.

For better or for worse, technology has managed to make it easier than ever to record people doing just about everything. 

We have iPhone cameras that are so good, you can even buy lenses for your smartphone to make the photos more Instagram-worthy.  We have things like some of the best DSLR cameras ever made, as well as revolutionary cameras like the Rylo 360

Cameras are as small as they can be and the small sizes they offer up are game-changers. Hidden wearable cameras can now be used to play pranks that will later stream on YouTube, catch a cheating spouse, or even record special candid moments. 

It's a little James Bond if you think about it. We literally live in a time when you can get a real-life Dick Tracy-style watch if you want one. Want to get the best hidden cameras out there? Check these out. 

Clip Spy Camera by Lenofocus

If you're looking for something that's kind of visible, but not totally visible, then Lenofocus has a great choice for you. This petite clip-in camera is one of the best hidden wearable cameras on the market thanks to it 1080p definition quality. 

Excellent video frame rate, and a wide range of supported computers and video players make this a great all-around camera for anyone who wants quality clips. 

Smiley Pin with Hidden Video Camera by Spytec

Delightfully retro and a very low-key reminder to say "Cheese!", this cute little Smiley Pin from SpyTec has a little secret—it's a spy camera! This pin measures just under two inches in diameter, but can record up to 7 hours of video at 720p quality. 

The really neat thing about this pin is that its camera is totally hidden and takes a very keen eye to detect. That super-subtle edge is what makes this one of the best hidden wearable cameras out there. 

Bluetooth Earpiece HD Hidden Spy Camera by SpyAssociates

This invention could't be any more slick if it tried. Channeling every single spy and Secret Service movie ever made, this Bluetooth earpiece is actually one of the most low-key hidden wearable cameras on the market. 

The camera, which looks just like a Bluetooth earpiece, can capture both HD video and still shots with a simple touch of a button. This is an ideal choice for people who want to spy on the go. A removable SD card will store as much as 32 GB of material—so you'll never have to recharge. 

Cross Neckless Camera by Fannuoyi

Not ready to splurge on high-end hidden camera wearables yet? This affordable Cross Necklace Camera offers up seriously good recording technology, a nice dose of subtlety, and can switch between both stills and video recordings. 

The necklace itself is so small, it's nearly impossible to see the holes for the audio and video. It works in low light, has great mic technology, and does the trick in a pinch. 

HD Hidden Camera Smartwatch by SpyTec

Though watches are one of the oldest forms of hidden camera wearables you can find, they remain popular because of their "tried and true" track records. People simply don't think of watches as spy gear, even though they absolutely can be.

SpyTech's HD Hidden Camera Smartwatch is a great choice for people who want to keep their spy work very subtle and want night vision capacity, too. The watch itself can store up to an hour of information and has a two-hour battery life. 

Spy Camera Hat by RecorderGear

Nondescript is the look you want to attain when you are trying to look for wearable cameras, and this hat is about as low-key as it gets. It looks like a simple hat you'd get in a dollar store, doesn't it? 

Well, the 1080p hidden camera that's built into the camera begs to differ. The front bill of the hat is where it's placed and it can record as much as two hours of high-quality footage. 

Spy Pen by SharpCam

If you're looking for office-appropriate hidden camera wearables, why not give a spy pen a chance? This simple device works as both a pen and a camera, and can be placed in a pocket without anyone thinking twice about it. 

The camera itself works at 1080p definition and is capable of both video capture and photographic capture. Just press the button on this spy cam, and you'll end up recording everything you need in a pinch. 

Wearable Lifestyle Camera by Front Row

The Wearable Lifestyle Camera by Front Row is not like your typical wearable hidden cameras. This goodie is clearly a camera—sort of. This unique camera is made specifically for concerts and similar high-action situations. 

The camera can record up to 2 hours of footage before losing battery. Once the footage is captured, you can upload it to social media directly through the device. Cool? Absolutely!

Clear HD Video Camera Glasses w/ 8GB Storage

Another classic that has been rarely been truly mastered by engineers is the concept of spy glasses. SpyTec's Clear HD Video Camera Glasses are probably the best pair we've ever seen to incorporate this technology seamlessly.

You can't ever really spot the camera on this pair of glasses. When paired with the right outfit, this pair of glasses will fly right under the radar while storing up to 8GB of high definition video. 

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Best Hidden Wearable Cameras You Can Buy
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