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Best Curved TVs to Buy Right Now

Despite relatively dropping out of infamy, you can still find some of the best curved TVs and they've only enhanced dramatically.

Some might say there is trouble with the curve, others will contend with the obvious spectacle it creates in your home. This is when science fiction blurs with modern technology. In any case, curved TVs are still very much a thing — now, however, it's only a Samsung thing. It's as if they just came and went, a quick fad in technology that never panned out. Still, while very few companies still make them, there are many uses to owning a curved TV besides turning your living room into a home theater. 

For starters, more often than not, a curved TV will have a long list of improvements, whether it be smart technology, 3D capabilities, LED LCD, OLED, 4K Ultra HD, HDR content, which stands for high dynamic range, and sometimes even all of the above. Curved TVs also give your viewing experience enhanced depth perception and viewing angles, besides the most crystal clear a picture quality can acceptably reach. There are quite a few reasons to own a curved TV, but they wouldn't mean much if you were as clueless as to which ones made the most sense in buying. Without bending the screen any further, here are the best curved TVs to buy right now.

Curved 55-Inch 4K HD Smart LED TV by Samsung

For a little over $1,000, this sleek and sophisticated Samsung 55-Inch TV can be yours. It's one of the best curved TVs, mainly for the price, but also because of the loaded features that are featured with it.

First of all, this is among the few smart devices to improve your home. With smart technology, you can be streaming content instantly while viewing through 1,000 mirror of high contrast and vivid displays. It's powered by what is called Quantum Dot Color Drive, which gives the TV a stunning quality that other HD TVs pale in comparison. 

Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV by Samsung

With the 65-inch 4K MU6500, Samsung gave it 4x more pixels, giving it a 4x boost in resolution — it's almost as if you're really there. There's also what's called Motion Rate 120, giving this awesome device both fast-moving and smooth action content that's unbeatable. 

If you're looking for one of the best curved TVs to buy right now, Samsung's MU6500 model gives you the most clear and vibrant quality picture you'll find on the market. 

Curved 78-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV by Samsung

Backlit with LED functionality, given the same 120 motion rate as the previous product, and outfitted with smart technology, which gives the TV built-in WiFi capabilities, it's not hard to see this sleek 4K 78-inch gadget as one of the best curved TVs to buy right now. 

Despite being an older model, the Ultra HD provides a smooth and otherwise clean picture that looks even more immersive with its curved screen. You can get a sweet refurbished one for a little over $3,000. 

Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV by Samsung

Another gem among the best curved TVs to buy right now, Samsung's JU6700 series, which may be two years old, still holds weight as an exceptional product for Ultra HD viewing. 

Add to that it's smart functionality, which basically gives your TV the new cable: more channels and no monthly bill! What more could you ask for? I don't know, how about an extremely fine tuned refresh rate that's on par with modern flatscreen TVs, if not better, and multiple inputs that include four HDMI and three USB, at pretty low $1,000 for a 65-inch? That's why the JU6700 is by far a staple among the concept. 

Curved 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV by Samsung

QLED, or quantum dot display, gives your viewing experience a whole new quality in color, tone, and overall clarity. You'll not only feel like you're there, you pretty much will be thanks to the high quality of light emission and backlit LED components. 

Samsung's QN75Q8C model of Ultra HD QLED TVs give you an immersive experience that cannot be beaten by its rivals. It's one of the best curved TVs to buy right now, because it's got one of the most realistic monitor screens that has no-bezel that spills over the edge, in addition to extremely shadowed black levels that help contrast the picture with a constant fluidity. 

Curved 54-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV by Samsung

With awesome smart TV user-interface, which basically gives you an unlimited berth of content at your fingertips, in addition to the billions of colors available to the screen thanks to 4K Color Drive Extreme, the MU8500 is one of the best curved TVs to buy right now. 

You also get Samsung's extremely versatile Smart Remote Controller, which allows for hours upon hours of content streaming at the sound of your own voice! For $988, it's the most bang for your buck that you'll find. 

Curved 65-Inch 4K Smart ULED TV by Hisense

While it may not be engineered by the talented minds at Samsung, Hisense's curved 4K Smart TV is still among the most promising on the market. With ULED capabilities, giving it an ultra LED backlighting, the picture is well beyond its time, and at a 120Hz refresh rate, you won't miss any of those beautiful sights. 

While it may be much more expensive for a 2015 model, going for around $2,000, Hisense's product is still one of the best curved TVs to buy right now for it's undistributed range in ultra high definition quality picture. 

Curved 65-Inch Smart 4K SUHD LED TV by Samsung

The KS9500 is like most of their similar devices, except it now comes standard with SUHD, giving it ultra high definition and amazing frame rate quality that never limits the overall clarity on the screen. 

It's one of the best curved TVs to buy right now, because so few are chalk full of amazing content as this, like the Smart Remote Controller, Smart 4K capabilities, and a wide range of immersion thanks to the curved design. Don't forget, you also get an additional Blu-ray player in the bundle!

Curved 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV by Samsung

Unbeatable in practically all categories when it comes to the immersive and angular curved screen, Samsung once again delivers one of its finest products: the KU6500, a 49-inch with 4K ultra HD, smart capabilities, and LED backlighting. 

So what if it's a year old, that means the product will be much more affordable and still delivers a blend of ultra high performance viewing in addition to smooth-action speed rates. As one of the best curved TVs, Samsung's KU6500 

Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV by LG

To end, let's look at a revolutionary component now being implemented into almost every new monitor screen. OLED TVs are a rarity, giving your television self-lighting pixels that will take your breath away at how amazing and pristine the picture quality looks. Especially on this 65-inch LG, it makes for one of the best curved TVs around. 

The EG9600 boasts a wide viewing angle, displays of intensely accurate colors, and infinite contrast with perfect black functionality that switches pixels off for an immersive experience. You can almost say it has a mind of its own, and with its smart technology that gives it built-in WiFi, the EG9600 pretty much is all-knowing. For a curved TV, that's remarkable. 

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Best Curved TVs to Buy Right Now
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